Summer is here!

Hi guys!

It’s been a while! A month, to be exact. Last time I wrote on here was May 20 and today is June 20.

(Sorry for the screaming, I just feel like that should be in all caps!)

The past month of June I’ve been preparing for finals. I’ve been way too busy with studying to have the time to write on here. But today was my last day of school which means SUMMER! Yay! I am so so so so excited for this summer. I’ve got a buncha stuff planned and I cannot wait to take photos and videos to share on here!

This post is gonna be kinda all over the place. Let me start by telling you about my freshman year of high school which I just completed! (WHAT?!?!?) I know a lot of people hate high school and school in general, but I’m being 100% honest when I say I loved high school this year! I mean, I’ve always really enjoyed school in general, but high school in particular has been great. Maybe that’s just because I’m only a freshman and it wasn’t too hard for me, but if every year is like this year I am not gonna want to leave! (Just kidding – I’ll probably definitely want to leave.) Nevertheless, I am so looking forward to the next three years.

One craaaazy thing happened to me at school this year: I STARTED TO LIKE MATH. Yeah. This is coming from the girl who used to despiiiiiise math. Not even kidding when I say I used to cry over math homework. Yeah. It was bad. Math is probably my favorite subject now, next to art and English. I think the reason was because I had the BEST teacher. I hope I like it next year as much as I did this year! Just saying to anyone who currently hates math now, don’t get caught up in hating it so much. Try as hard as you can because once everything clicks it feels so so good! Really.

To conclude my little talk about school I wanna talk about my friends! I have the best friends and I could not have survived the year without them. I think I’m gonna do a post towards the end of summer with tips for high school, but I’ll do one portion of it now…

I know some people have trouble making friends/don’t want to make friends, but in high school you will not always have every class with a friend! I certainly didn’t. In fact, my math class was the first class I went to on my first day of school, and there was ONE kid from my old school. ONE! I was super shy in the beginning, of course, but you can’t always expect that people will talk to you first. I met one of my close friends in math class just by asking for help on a problem. Seriously, a little conversation goes a loooong way. In all my classes besides math, I probably had about 3 friends that I knew; no best friends in ANY of my classes until second semester!

I totally understand the not wanting to make friends situation. I was like that in the beginning of the year, too. It’s pretty scary to think that your group of friends may all branch out and go their separate ways in high school. I know that some people totally stop talking after they make new friends, but making new friends does NOT mean you’re going to lose your old friends! OK, OK, OK. I’m gonna stop now because I’d like to have at least a little more to talk about in a future post about school! I’m also gonna stop because IT’S SUMMER and I should not even be mentioning the word “school!”

Okay, next on the agenda…
I got way too excited about that.
But come on, who doesn’t love a PLAYLIST?!?!?


My personal “song of the summer” is the first song, Big Wave by Jenny And Johnny. Have I mentioned I LOVE Jenny Lewis? Like, a lot. Her music is so so great.

All of these songs are perfect for a pool party, while you’re eating a popsicle on the front porch, or while the wind is blowing through your hair in the car. Basically, it’s PERFECT FOR SUMMER. Pretty proud of this one. Last year’s playlist was great, too. Also, OMG. Look at the difference in the playlists. Here is the playlist from two years ago and here is the playlist from last summer. Two years ago it was literally all pop music. My taste has changed a LOT!! I still love a good catchy pop song, but I’ve discovered much better music over the last two years (in my opinion).

Anyways, to wrap that up, all of these songs just remind me of summer. Most of them have a nostalgic feel to them which y’all know I love, but some are just upbeat and happy summer tunes! Let me know if you give it a listen and what your “song of the summer” is!

Okay, finally! LINKS! Here are some of my favorite things I’ve seen this week….

Julie Blackmon’s photography. She makes those simply beautiful moments look… well, beautiful!

This could not be more accurate.

This cute yellow typewriter.

It’s sold out, but this swimsuit is gorgeous.

These s’mores pops look delicious!!

Fleet Foxes and Lorde came out with new albums last week! Yay!

Chelsea Handler posted this on her Instagram and it had me dyyyyying! So funny!

Two of my favorite celebrities in one picture.

Awww, Parks and Rec reunion! #parksforlife

Superstore and This Is Us just announced their fall premiere dates and I couldn’t be more excited. Summer is the best but the one thing I hate is that all my favorite shows are on vacation! That’s what Netflix is for though, right?!

Speaking of Netflix, this is SO COOL.

Obsessed with this article about film color palettes.

Alright that was a LOT. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I’m so excited for the next few weeks. I can’t wait to share more fun posts with you guys! Happy Summer! Have a great day 😀

A Day in New York City

HI guys! Okay, okay. I know I said I would put New York post up LAST week, but hey. It’s up now, so that’s all that matters! 

So yeah! For my birthday I was just dying to go to New York City again because I love it there so much. We weren’t able to stay overnight or anything like we did last year, (see those posts here and here) so we just went for the day. I’m so excited to share my photos with you! I didn’t really take many with my camera and so all of these are from my iPhone and edited with A Color Story. (my favorite editing app!) 

From the recent trips I’ve taken into the city, I’ve noticed it can be pretty tedious to have to a) take out your camera from your bag every time you want to take a photo or b) stop right in the middle of the sidewalk to take one. I’m sure there are better ways to utilize my camera around the city but I think I just need to practice! 

We left the house a little later than planned but got to the New Haven Train Station by around 8:30-9ish. Oh! Do you guys like my new shoes? Not really new now but I got them for my birthday and I love them! Here is the link to the style they are… I can’t seem to find the same color! I’m sure they’re somewhere on the internet, though. 

On the train! It was probably about an hour and a half or two hours to get there.

Grand Central Station! It’s so pretty there. And busy. VERY busy. 

Our first stop was the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). I had never been there and it had been on my bucket list for forever! They were CRAZY busy though. It probably would’ve been better to go on another day or earlier, but it was still really cool to see everything. Here are some of my favorite pieces we saw: 

From there we took the subway up to Greenwich Village where we spent most of the day. 

We were all pretty hungry after that so we went to Joe’s Pizza for lunch! It’s been on my bucket list for a while as well and let me tell you it did NOT disappoint. Probably the best pizza I’ve ever had and I’m not exaggerating! You have to try it. Oh – AND it was in the Spider Man movie so that makes it 100x cooler. 

Coincidentally, ANOTHER place on my bucket list was literally right next to Joe’s! I’ve seen Popbar over the Internet and it always looked so delicious. 

Yummm! I got pistachio with chocolate and more pistachio nuts on top. 

From there we walked around Greenwich Village a bit and found Washington Square Park! I was looking forward to seeing the pretty fountain in the center but sadly it wasn’t running 😦 but that’s okay. I know I’ll be back to see it! The flowers were also just starting to bloom and it was so pretty.

So after that we kinda just walked around and enjoyed The Village! I love it there. All of New York has so much to do but the village is so awesome and there are so many cool places! We stumbled upon a CREPE restaurant. I LOOOVE crepes so much. I’ve taught myself to make them, but you can’t go wrong with getting one off the streets of New York, right?! Mine had Nutella and strawberries and it was so so good. 

Then we visited Socketbit which is a little Swedish candy shop that (I keep saying this oh my god!) has been on my bucket list forever! I’m serious about this one. It’s so cute and colorful in there (well, the candy is!) and I loved it so much. 

After that we walked around for a while and found a spot to eat dinner. Then we took a cab (My first cab in NYC!! It’s nothing special. I prefer the subway. Haha.) back to Grand Central. It was a super fun day in New York and I can’t wait to visit again. Hope you guys enjoyed these photos – sorry it took so long to get them up! 

Happy Saturday!

Two years!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Guess what today is?!

You don’t know? Well, that’s OK. I didn’t know until two seconds ago when I got the notification from WordPress! It’s all good.

I’ve been blogging for two years! Whaaaaat! Yep. Apparently on May 7, 2015 I wrote my very first post and Studio Josie had begun. Though I don’t use this blog as much as I’d like, I love love love writing and sharing things on here with you guys. I hope you all like what I share, too!

Hopefully I continue to write and share pieces of my life with you all. It’s pretty fun!

Anyways, before I got the notification, this post was called “Spring.” I think I’ll just continue from where I left off, and I’ll meet you at the end… 🙂

After an endless winter, spring is finally here! I know it won’t last long, so I’ll enjoy it while we have it.

I love flowers, and where I live spring comes with a plethora of them. My favorites are hydrangeas and lilacs, but it’s impossible to choose because they are just so pretty.

All of a sudden, they all came out from hiding and decided to say, “hi.” Dear flowers, please stay forever!

Here are some photos I just took of these lovely lilacs in my backyard…

And now for a little playlist I made in honor of spring finally arriving:

Oh hey! Nice to see you again.

So yeah. TWO YEARS! Hooray!

This was just a quick little post for today. I SWEAR the New York photos will be up soon. You know, I never seem to procrastinate for school-related things, but when I need to upload photos on my computer that already has 1,000,000,000,000 photos, making it insanely laggy, I get a little lazy. THIS WEEK, though. They will be up this week! I pinkie promise.

I’m trying to think if I’ve got anything else to share with you. Hm. Oh – I saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on Friday! So good. Chris Pratt, I LOVE YOU.

What else? OH! I’m currently binging two shows: Parenthood and Ugly Betty. Lauren Graham is the BEST. She’ll always be Lorelai Gilmore in my heart, but I’m loving Sarah Braverman, too. 🙂

I’ve been meaning to watch Ugly Betty FOREVER. America Ferrera is probably in my top five favorite actress/celebrity type people list. She is so insanely awesome! AND HER NEW-ISH HAIR. I want it so bad. Why can’t I pull it off as well as she can? 😦

If you haven’t seen Superstore please go watch it now. PLEASE! If you liked the Office, you will looooove Superstore. Season two just ended so now you have time to catch up! Go do it! Now! Ugh why did I just remind myself that I have to wait all summer for season three?! Nooooo!!!

Alright, I’m starting to sound crazy. Happy Two Year Anniversary to Studio Josie! Yay! Have a great week everyone!!



The last few weeks in photos: my birthday & a day in northampton

Hey guys! It’s been a while. I feel like I start every post by saying that, but it’s true! I’m gonna stop saying “I need to write more” and instead ACTUALLY DO IT!

Anyways. Quite a lot has happened since I’ve last written. I’ll post a little today and and the rest either tomorrow or later this week. Now let me share with you…

I turned 15! My birthday is on April 7th, and this year it was the Friday before my spring vacation started. My birthday is never on a day as awesome as that! I feel like it’s alllllways on a weekday. Yes, it was on one this year, too, but if you’ve ever been to any school of any kind you know the day before a vacation is always the BEST because teachers rarely make you do very much work.  There was this dodgeball tournament thing – which I did NOT participate in 🙂 – that was really fun to watch cause I got to hang out with my friends.

After school I had sushi and pizza for dinner. Yup. SUSHI AND PIZZA. Aka the two greatest foods to ever exist! For dessert I had ice cream cake, which is my favorite.

My birthday was really fun and I can’t believe I’m FIFTEEN! I started this blog when I was thirteen so it’s almost been two years! You can seriously see how much my writing has changed and how much I’ve grown. Like, really. I’m so tempted to delete posts because some are quite embarassing, but that’s basically like deleting my history and I could never do that. 

So after my birthday, spring break had begun! The Saturday after, my mom and I went up to Northampton, Massachusetts for the day. It was so much fun and I’m super excited to share these photos with you. Some of my family lives up there and it’s always so nice to visit because there’s so much to do!

First we went to one of my favorite restaurants EVER, The Roost. It’s so so so good and I love going there! We also met up with my aunt and cousin which was awesome!

I got a caprese sandwich which I had never gotten before. It was really really yummy! The drink in this picture is what I always pick out when I go there – I never see it anywhere else (or I just don’t notice it) but it’s the perfect mix of sweet and also not too sweet, which I LOVE! 

Ok – tell me this doesn’t look AMAZING. Spoiler alert: IT WAS!!! Ugh I could eat that every single day. It was a fruit tart with some sorta vanilla cream and hidden chocolate cream at the bottom! So. Good. 

The design in this restaurant is amazing, too. If you’re ever in Northampton you must eat here! 


I love this picture from a really neat shop called Sticks and Bricks. There are tons of awesome vintage items!! 

LOVE this one!! It reminds me of Elsie Larson’s crazy beautiful rainbow glassware collection! 

That building!😍 That’s one of my favorite colors. I own so many items in that color you’d think it’s my absolute favorite, but really it’s not! (Do you care what my favorite color is? Probably not. But I’ll share anyways😉.) Green has been my favorite for such a long time, I feel I’ll “betray” by changing it up. I know, I know. That’s insane. Colors don’t have feelings. But I love my colors! I’ll just say I love them all. 😉 except I don’t really like red… OK. I’ll stop now. 

SO CUTE. This little shop is called Kestrel and they’ve got so many beautiful items. 

Bob Ross knows best! 😉 

Essentials is the cutest store ever. I wanna buy ALL THE WRAPPING PAPER! 

I mean…COME ON! How cute is that? 

We went to various other shops that day,  but our final stop was Florence Pie Bar. I apologize for this horrible photo – but I figured I’d show you what I got. This is some sort of pecan chocolate tart and it was really delicious!! 

Northampton was a lot of fun and I’m really glad my mom and I got the chance to hang out there for the day! The next day I went to my grandpa’s house where we celebrated my birthday. I had a lot of fun and got to see my family, too. 

That Monday I was super inspired by the gorgeous morning light in my room so I decided to pull out my water colors. 🙂 


We had the absolute best weather that week! The sky is so so pretty. My brother and I slept over our friends’ house and it made me realize how excited I am for summer. I just love that it doesn’t get dark til around 7:30. 

The next day it got up to 80 DEGREES so we went to the park for a while. It was so so nice out. Ignore my dirty Birkenstocks, BTW. 😉 

Soooooo that’s it for part one! I’m so excited for part two because guess what! I went to NYC for the day! Ahhhhhh!! Can’t wait to share with you guys. Happy Monday!!! 

March 2017 Playlist!

Hey guys!! I know I usually wait until the very end of the month to post a playlist, but I was just so excited to share my favorite songs from March that I couldn’t wait!

First of all, Ed Sheeran’s new album came out this month!!! AHHH!! I love Ed Sheeran. He’s one of the few pop artists I appreciate. I think his songs are just so catchy and most of them have really great lyrics, too. My absolute FAVORITE on the new album is Eraser. Ok, maybe this isn’t a good example of how great his lyrics can be, as the song is talking about alchohol (😂), but never mind that. It’s SO. GOOD. I just love this song. The rest of the album is pretty great… a few songs are a little too depressing, but the ones on this playlist are my favorites!

OK next I gotta talk about Ryan Adams. So his most recent album, Prisoner, came out in February so I’m a liiiiitle late to the game. I loved his cover album of Taylor Swift’s 1989, but have never given his older stuff a try. Now I’m kinda obsessed with him! I have been listening to the album on repeat and I love it more each time! I saw his performance on Jimmy Fallon, and it was just so. great. (Also, why did he and Mandy Moore have to get divorced?! I thought they were so cute together… but hey, maybe he’ll marry me now. 😉Hahah!!) My top favorites are Outbound Train, Broken Anyway, and Tightrope.

You’ll notice on most of my monthly playlists there are usually some random songs from the 2000’s. If I’m browsing through Spotify and come across a song I used to LOVE I freak out and become re-obsessed with it. So there’s my explanation for the two Avril Lavigne and P!nk songs. 😉

Hmmm let’s see. Oh – Lorde has a new single! I really like this one… not as much as Royals, but it’s a super fun song. I am also in love with John Legend. Ughhhh!! His La La Land Oscar performance was great. Him and Chrissy Teigen are my OTP and their daughter is SOOOO CUTE! Oh! I almost forgot. The Shins have a new album! I totally forgot they existed. I discovered them while watching Gilmore Girls, and then listened to them for a while but never got suuuuuper into them. But this album is really fun, and my favorite song is Half A Million!

Sooooo that’s about it for today!! I hope you guys liked hearing about some of my favorite music from March! What songs and albums have you been loving lately?!

Happy Monday! 😉


Valentine’s Day Playlist 2017!!

Hey guys!! Happy Saturday!! Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday, and I did a playlist last year, so I figured I’d do one again! I hope you guys enjoy! I’ll be adding more songs during the weekend, too. 🙂

(Ps: working on a little post about my trip to a Vermont – it should be up fairly soon!)

Have a great weekend! What’s your go-to Valentine’s Day song?!


goodbye, january! 

Hello and happy Tuesday everyone! Can you believe it’s the LAST DAY OF JANUARY?! Whaaaat?! It went by so fast! Yesterday was the first day of my second semester… I’m halfway through my freshman year in high school! I have actually had a pretty good experience in high school so far. I took History, Spanish, Health, and Algebra last semester, and I’m taking Art, English, Algebra, and Science this semester. I was really nervous to start my new classes cause I was finally getting used to my old classes, but I’m pretty excited for these. 🙂

This month has been pretty eventful. So much stuff has happened, it feels like it’s been a year since January 1st! I had finals last week, and I went to Vermont over the weekend. (I’ll share more photos in a few days!) here are some things on the internet I’ve been LOVING…

Needle felted cats! I really have been interested in needle felting, and these are super duper cute!

Crackle cake. Oh my god. This looks A.MA.ZING.

This water bottle. I’ve been trying to drink more water this year, and this is neat because it’s like a FitBit, but for water!

The Office: Where Are They Now? The Office is one of my favorite shows. This is HILARIOUS. I got a little teary-eyed when I saw that Jim and Pam supposedly named their third child Michael! And Michael named his kids after people from Dunder Mifflin… very Michael of him. Haha!

Kate McKinnon as Kellyanne Conway on SNL. She is a literal genius. Probably one of my favorites on the show right now. But OMG Melissa Villaseñor is new this year, and she is so funny. She is mainly an impressionist, and you have to look her up on YouTube because she is amazing at celebrity impressions!

This awesome desk setup! So fun and colorful!

The original Schuyler Sisters from Hamilton are performing at the Super Bowl… this is the only way you ever could get me to watch football – add some Broadway stars to the performances! 😉

IKEA’s gorgeous new nomad-inspired collection! I think I’m in love with every piece! ❤

And now, since it is the last day of the month, I may as well share my January Playlist! I haven’t been super on-the-ball with playlists lately, but it’s a new year and I can’t wait to share more of my favorite music.

So this month I have been LOVING Ed Sheeran’s two new singles. Gosh I have missed his music! He’s finally back on the top charts and I am so happy.

You guys may know that I have been OBSESSED with La La Land and the soundtrack. I have been listening to it non-stop (Hamilton, anyone? Haha!) and I can’t get enough. I think it’s so funny how on my most-listened to artists list, Ryan Gosling is, like, #3 now. Ha!

Yes, that is indeed Pocket Full of Sunshine. Yes, I know that song kinda sucks but come ON, who doesn’t secretely LOVE IT?! 😉 I think we all need it in our lives now.

I discovered the song Sovereign Light Café by Keane a few weeks ago, and I don’t know why I love it so much. I guess it’s just really catchy, and I love the lead singer’s voice!

I’m kinda surprised with myself that I put not one, but TWO songs by The Weeknd on here! I normally don’t think love their (their? Or his? I don’t know if it’s considered a band or not… Lol!) music, but these songs are so catchy!

What songs have you been loving lately?!

Hope you all had a great day! Happy last day of January. I’m wishing for a positive February….! 🙂