Fall Playlist 2018

Yes, I’m still alive!

No, I’m not done blogging!

So yeah… I just took an unexpected three-month break. Let’s just say AP summer work killed me this year! I’m sorry to say this, but don’t think I’ll be writing any posts about my summer. Don’t get me wrong, it was awesome! I just kinda want to jump back into the blogging world and post things that are happening right now.

I am so happy fall is here! Today I thought I’d ease my way back into blogging with a fall playlist I’ve been working on.


1. Heavy Petals by Laura Veirs

2. September Song by Agnes Obel

3. Texarkana by R.E.M

4. The Darkest Season by Deb Talan

5. The Big Guns by Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins

6. Wildrunners by Hugo Hans

7. Knock It Off by Aimee Mann

8. Washington by Sarah Harmer

9. Last Lion of Albion by Neko Case (my current favorite song!!!) 

10. Sit & Listen To The Rain by Whiskeytown

11. Stand Inside by Kurt Vile 

12. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song by Fleet Foxes

13. Thanksgiving Theme by Vince Guaraldi Trio 

14. Till The Water’s All Long Gone by The Decemberists 

15. Pictures of You by The Cure 

I am really excited to be back blogging again. Sorry for being gone for so long AND for totally slacking off on posting my summer pictures. You can follow my Instagram (studiojosieblog) if you want to see a few summer photos. I’ve been pretty inactive on there, too, though hahaha.

ANYWAYS, it’s almost Halloween, and this year I need to put together THREE costumes. Two for a school event and one for a party. Yikes! I have never shared my Halloween costumes on here, but I think I will this year. I’ve already started on one and I am loving how it is coming together. I’ll give you a hint: it has to do with the GALAXY!

Besides prepping for Halloween, I’ll be going back to school tomorrow after this three day weekend. Then I have PSATs on Wednesday. My last one! :0 I have my first SAT in the spring. That sentence alone makes me stressed! Aghhhhhh! Other than that, though, junior year has been pretty tolerable so far. I’m writing a rhetorical analysis on “Me Talk Pretty One Day” by David Sedaris so you could say it’s the best English class ever! Speaking of that, I need to go finish my rough draft. Hope you have a great week!


A Not-Too-Cheesy Valentine’s Day Playlist

Happy Sunday!

What’s your opinion on Valentine’s Day? I know people who love it and people who hate it. Personally, I really love Valentine’s Day. However, I will agree that it can be waaaaay too cheesy. So if you’re with me on that and are not a fan of the cheesiness, I have created a not-so-cheesy Valentine’s Day playlist for you to listen to!

The songs I included are (in my opinion) not overly-dramatic love songs that you’ve heard a million times. For example: I Will Always Love You.  (The only song you may have heard way too much is Fade Into You which just so happened to make this listI enjoyed reading. I still love that song, and it always reminds me of Gilmore Girls. Oh, and if there are any Gilmore-lovers out there, try and find the other song I included in this playlist! Hint: it was the VERY FIRST SONG that played in the Pilot!)

Anyways, here it is!  If you’re into the more lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day tunes, here’s my playlist from last year and here’s my playlist from the year before.

My playlists are usually longer than this, but I plan on adding more songs as I find them. But for now, enjoy!

Have a great day.

September in Music

Taken at my grandpa’s house in New Hampshire last month.

I haven’t shared a playlist since August and since it’s a pretty big part of my life, I felt like I needed to do a little catching up! But I’ll be honest. I’m an inconsistent music listener. Some people ONLY listen to Pop or Rock or whatever genre suits their fancy. I listen to it all. Except country. Never, ever country. Some days I can only listen to music that matches my mood and other days I want something totally new. It’s a never-ending cycle.

Please tell me I’m not alone! You know, I really think Spotify has a lot to do with it. The app is suuuuuper overwhelming at times. There’s so much music on there. Don’t get me wrong – I’m completely obsessed and I don’t know how I ever lived before I had Spotify – but it can be a little much at times. What are your thoughts on it?

This brings me to my September playlist. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my October playlist.

The first song, “Don’t Take The Money” by Bleachers is my indie/pop-ish song for the month. It’s so catchy. And I love Jack Antonoff.

The next two, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Lifestyle” by Cake and “Anna” by Will Butler were both songs I came across while watching the Instagram stories of one of my favorite bloggers. The Cake song is like, kind of bad, but also I really like it…so I don’t really have much else to say about that. And I actually had heard “Anna” before but never listened to it all the way through. I love it and the music video is so good and could pass for a Wes Anderson film. Plus Emma Stone is in it!

“Knock It Off” by Aimee Mann is catchy and reminded me of fall so I listened to it a lot in September. There are a few others on that new (by new I mean March of this year) album of hers that I really like.

“I’m Looking Through You” by The Beatles is a lovely song, and Rubber Soul is my #1 favorite Beatles album. (And that has NOTHING to do with the brilliant font on the album cover. I swear. #designnerd.) But seriously, that album is amazing.

“Bad Blood” by Ryan Adams also reminded me of fall. I know a lot of people seemed to hate that 1989 cover album but I really really like some of the songs on it and I think he did such a wonderful job putting his own spin on Taylor’s songs. Also: it’s his birthday today! Happy Birthday Ryan! I LOVE YOU. <333

“Cemetry Gates” by The Smiths is probably my #1 favorite Smiths song… at the moment. My favorites are always changing since all their songs are amazing. I just love the lyrics in this song: “They were born and then they lived and then they died… seems so unfair, I want to cry.” Ughhhhh!

“Up All Night” by Beck. His new album, Colors, came out in October. I gotta say, I’m not overly impressed. I love Beck but the album is a bit too poppy for my taste. I don’t think there will ever be an album quite as phenomenal as Morning Phase, but I was expecting more because he’s BECK and he’s the BEST! Aaaaand I’m a total hypocrite because “Up All Night” is tooootally poppy. I secretly love it, though. Anyways, I don’t hate his new album, but I don’t love it.

“When Doves Cry” by Prince. I don’t think I have to explain why it’s on my playlist. I loooove this song.

“A Step You Can’t Take Back” by Keira Knightley. OK, has anyone seen the 2013 film Begin Again? (Dumb question. Obviously someone out there has seen it.) It’s on Netflix and had been on my Watch List for a while. Last month I finally got around to watching it and I fell in love. It’s suuuuch a beautiful film and the music is awesome. It stars Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, James Cordon, Adam Levine, and Hailee Steinfeld, so there’s just a hint as to why I loved it so much. “A Step You Can’t Take Back” is the first song in the movie and my personal fave. The entire time I was watching it I secretly wished Keira Knightley was actually a musician. I would totally listen to her music. If Feist and Laura Marling’s voices (somehow?) had a child, it’d be Keira Knightly’s voice.

“Spent The Day In Bed” by Morrissey. Honestly, I don’t LOVE the song, but I LIKE it. It’s catchy and it’s Morrissey so of course I had to give it a try. His new album comes out this month, too. Speaking of Morrissey, “This Night Has Opened My Eyes” is on there. I never liked this song when I first started listening to The Smiths but it got stuck in my head one day and I couldn’t stop listening to it after that. Oh, and “The Boy With The Thorn In His Side” is on there as well. It’s on my Top Ten Smiths playlist and I just think it’s such a pretty song.

“Atomic Number” on the trio album case/lang/veirs (Neko Case, k.d. lang, and Laura Veirs) is suuuuuch a beautiful song. I’m obsessed and am still listening to it in November.

“Bloodstream” by Ed Sheeran. I don’t think I ever wrote about this but in October I saw him in concert for the second time with my best friend and we had SUCH a fun time. His concerts have been so awesome and he’s a super talented guy. “Bloodstream” is on this playlist because he does that song SO WELL in concert and I totally forgot how much I love it.

And finally, the last song on my September playlist is “Losing All Sense” by Grizzly Bear. I just started listening to them, but their new album is fantastic. And Busy Phillips makes an appearance in the music video! #KimKellyForLife. If you guys aren’t watching her Insta stories, you MUST. They are the absolute best and she’s the funniest.

Alright, well 1016 words later and here we are! I hope this post wasn’t too disorienting for you. I told you I’m inconsistent when it comes to music! These past two months have just been crazy and I haven’t had time to make a super thoughtful playlist specifically for blogging purposes, but these are songs I genuinely love. I hope you love them too!

Happy Sunday.


An August Playlist


I am at work on the upcoming Arizona trip post(s) but while I have a minute I figured I’d share my August playlist with you all. I haven’t shared a playlist in quite a while and I feel it’s time for a new one! (Although if you’re following me on  Spotify, I am quite active and you can see all my playlists there all in one place!)

This month has been craaaaazy. I got back from Arizona on the fourth and went to two weeks of camp after my return. I also had to finish (AKA start) my summer homework for my AP Government class. I had a bunch of school events to attend as well, and long story short the end of August was crazy stressful and busy!

Slowly but surely things started to calm down. I started school on the 29th, and I’m now a sophomore in high school! I am really excited for the year. It feels so good to not be a freshman anymore, haha! I’m taking some really cool classes and am so ready for a (hopefully) great year!

OK, back to the playlist. This month I triiiiiied to add one song a day, but that’s just now how music works for me. Once I discover one artist or song, I discover a million others that same day and it’s too stressful to add them all or to wait until the next day to add them. So, instead of having 31 songs, this playlist only has eighteen.

As you may have noticed, I’ve got a pretty random taste in music. Sometimes I hear a song in a commercial or somehow rediscover it  (An example being: Potential Breakup Song and Under Pressure…) and then become obsessed. SO, don’t mind the randomness. (That’s basically what this blog is though, right?!)

I am SO excited about Beck’s new single, and his upcoming album! AHHH! I’ve also been loving The Smiths, and made another playlist just dedicated to them. Grizzly Bear has a new album which I listened to a few times and enjoyed a lot, too.

And yes, the song Despacito is on this playlist as well. To be perfectly honest I don’t really know why because during the entire month of August, I never listened to this song all the way through. I just like the chorus and thought it was catchy, and it’s on the top charts so I figured I’d add a little bit of pop to this mix! But never mind, I don’t need to explain myself! LOL. 😉

That’s about all for now, but one, if not more of my Arizona posts should be up this weekend. I hope you all have a great rest of the week and a wonderful start to September. Let me know – what song have you been loving lately?!

March 2017 Playlist!

Hey guys!! I know I usually wait until the very end of the month to post a playlist, but I was just so excited to share my favorite songs from March that I couldn’t wait!

First of all, Ed Sheeran’s new album came out this month!!! AHHH!! I love Ed Sheeran. He’s one of the few pop artists I appreciate. I think his songs are just so catchy and most of them have really great lyrics, too. My absolute FAVORITE on the new album is Eraser. Ok, maybe this isn’t a good example of how great his lyrics can be, as the song is talking about alchohol (😂), but never mind that. It’s SO. GOOD. I just love this song. The rest of the album is pretty great… a few songs are a little too depressing, but the ones on this playlist are my favorites!

OK next I gotta talk about Ryan Adams. So his most recent album, Prisoner, came out in February so I’m a liiiiitle late to the game. I loved his cover album of Taylor Swift’s 1989, but have never given his older stuff a try. Now I’m kinda obsessed with him! I have been listening to the album on repeat and I love it more each time! I saw his performance on Jimmy Fallon, and it was just so. great. (Also, why did he and Mandy Moore have to get divorced?! I thought they were so cute together… but hey, maybe he’ll marry me now. 😉Hahah!!) My top favorites are Outbound Train, Broken Anyway, and Tightrope.

You’ll notice on most of my monthly playlists there are usually some random songs from the 2000’s. If I’m browsing through Spotify and come across a song I used to LOVE I freak out and become re-obsessed with it. So there’s my explanation for the two Avril Lavigne and P!nk songs. 😉

Hmmm let’s see. Oh – Lorde has a new single! I really like this one… not as much as Royals, but it’s a super fun song. I am also in love with John Legend. Ughhhh!! His La La Land Oscar performance was great. Him and Chrissy Teigen are my OTP and their daughter is SOOOO CUTE! Oh! I almost forgot. The Shins have a new album! I totally forgot they existed. I discovered them while watching Gilmore Girls, and then listened to them for a while but never got suuuuuper into them. But this album is really fun, and my favorite song is Half A Million!

Sooooo that’s about it for today!! I hope you guys liked hearing about some of my favorite music from March! What songs and albums have you been loving lately?!

Happy Monday! 😉


Valentine’s Day Playlist 2017!!

Hey guys!! Happy Saturday!! Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday, and I did a playlist last year, so I figured I’d do one again! I hope you guys enjoy! I’ll be adding more songs during the weekend, too. 🙂

(Ps: working on a little post about my trip to a Vermont – it should be up fairly soon!)

Have a great weekend! What’s your go-to Valentine’s Day song?!


Fall Playlist: 2016! 

Hey, everyone! Today I am excited to share my fall playlist! You can check out the one I did last year here.


HERE is the Spotify playlist link.

All these songs just have that fall VIBE. You know what I mean? That cozy feeling that makes you so happy & excited for the new season?!

This month I’m gonna work on a ton of fun fall posts so if you guys wanna see anything in particular… let me know!

I hope you enjoy! What are your favorite songs for fall?