photos from my thanksgiving!

Here’s a quick little post! These are just a few photos of my delicious (vegetarian) thanksgiving last week! Hope you all had a great one! More posts coming this weekend! (If you want to know what one of the dishes is, just comment and I’ll link you to it!)



2016 gift guide #1 :: stocking stuffers! 

Hey guys! I scheduled this post to come up on December 1st… so happy December! I LOVE December. It’s one of my favorite months. Obviously because of the holidays and the snow (sometimes), but I also love knowing that the new year is right around the corner! I’m so looking forward to 2017. Today I am going to start a mini series called Josie’s Gift Guides! I love giving gifts and I thought I’d give you all some fun ideas!

1 // Camera enamel pin // Enamel pins are so fun and so cute! This is a really great gift because there are HUNDREDS on etsy you can choose from to match personalities!

2 // Gel pens // Who doesn’t love a new set of pens? Especially with the new year coming up, there are so many opportunities to use them and write in a journal or draw!

3 // Phone case // This one is from, and I LOVE so so much! Their products are so original and colorful. I have a planner from them and it’s just the best!

4 // Nail polish // I’ll admit – I can’t keep nail polish on more than few days because I will pick it off, BUT with fun colors like this, I would try to keep it on for weeks! 🙂 Essie is my favorite brand.

5 // Fuzzy socks // Do I even need to explain why these are amazing? I don’t know anyone who has turned down a pair of fuzzy socks!

6 // Earbuds // If you’re anything like me and always loose your earbuds, a new pair is always great!

7 // Rainbow Polaroid film // For Polaroid lovers, this is a super awesome little gift!

8 // Hair ties // These are a bit fancy, but I love getting any hair ties cause I ALWAYS need them! Haha!

Hope you guys liked this! Stay tuned for MORE! Yay! Happy December!

Fall Playlist: 2016! 

Hey, everyone! Today I am excited to share my fall playlist! You can check out the one I did last year here.


HERE is the Spotify playlist link.

All these songs just have that fall VIBE. You know what I mean? That cozy feeling that makes you so happy & excited for the new season?!

This month I’m gonna work on a ton of fun fall posts so if you guys wanna see anything in particular… let me know!

I hope you enjoy! What are your favorite songs for fall?

A Holiday Playlist!

Hey, guys! If you don’t follow me on Spotify, you should! I make monthly playlists and different themed playlists, too. Anyways, I decided to share my holiday playlist for this year! I’ve been listening to it on repeat lately because the songs are so good and get me in a Christmas-ey mood. 🙂 It’s not snowing here yet, though. 😦 I’m dreaming of a white christmas! LOL.

Here’s SOME of the songs from the playlist: (I’ll link the actual one below)

Wonderful Christmastime // Paul McCartney
Rocking Around the Christmas Tree // Brenda Lee
All I Want for Christmas is You // Mariah Carey
Happy Christmas // Handsome and Gretyl
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas // Brooke White
That’s Christmas to Me // Pentatonix
Last Christmas // Wham!
Silver Bells // She & Him
Holiday // Madonna
Santa Tell Me // Ariana Grande
Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! // Dean Martin
It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas // Michael Buble
Holly Jolly Christmas // Idina Menzel
White Christmas // Bing Crosby


ENJOY!!! Happy Wednesday!!



Gingerbread House Decorating!

Hey, guys! So yesterday some of my friends and I decorated gingerbread houses. It was so much fun and they turned out really beautiful! Stay tuned till’ the end of this post for a little video! I took a bunch of pics of everyone’s houses. I’ll start off with sharing mine:


I’m really proud of it! I wish I could eat it, though! 😦 It’s probably the best gingerbread house I’ve ever made… not that I’ve made very many. LOL. Here are some more pics:


There’s something about gingerbread houses that makes me so happy. They’re just too cute! So as I said before, I have a little video!

 click here to watch it! 

It’s just a quick 50 something second video I had a lot of fun putting together. (Even though the computer was in a VERY bad mood.) Anyways, go check out the video and subscribe to the studio josie youtube channel! I plan on doing many more fun videos like that!

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures and video! Have a great day!



Top 10 Best Halloween Candy 

Hey guys!!! It’s officially Halloween week! I’m going as Glinda the Good Witch with my friends who are going as the rest of the Wizard of Oz characters! I hope to do a post of my costume (which is not completely ready!) But for today I decided to do a ranking of my favorite Halloween candy… Because who doesn’t love candy?!

10. Kit Kats: I LOVE Kit Kats.. They are the perfect combination of smooth chocolate and crunchy-crispy inside!

9. Candy Corn: I will say, candy corn is a favorite of mine but ONLY when it’s Halloween time. They don’t even have it in stores unless it’s fall, but I always seem to see it in show up at some random birthday party. Like how did it get there?! Stay away candy corn! You’re for Halloween only! (But seriously it is delicious, and so are those candy corn pumpkins!)

8. Laffy Taffy: I have always loves laffy taffy, but I only seem to be attracted to the banana ones! This year, sadly, I won’t be able to eat them because of my braces. 😦

7. Almond Joy: Not many people like Almond Joy (including my brother) but I love it! I am a huge fan of coconut and almonds, and them plus chocolate is just perfect!

6. Butterfinger: I feel like Butterfingers are always forgotten. I don’t know why, though! They are so so perfect! Just the best texture and flavors together it makes my mouth water thinking about them.

5. Hershey’s: Hershey bars… Ahh. Sooooo delish! I could eat tons and tons of these on Halloween (and everyday, too!) Ok, am I the only one who loved those “Air Delight” ones…? Where did they go? Oh – and the almond ones are yummy too!

4. Tootsie Rolls: These are a classic that never go out of style! Raise your hand if you’ve lost a tooth from these suckers before! 🙋


3. Sour Patch Kids: These have been some of my faves for years and I still love them!  (Have you tried the blue ones?! They’re really yummy!)

2. Heath Bars: I love love love love Heath Bars!! Even though you can buy them at the gas station, they make me feel so fancy and royal eating them! I love toffee<3

1. Reese’s:  Literally. Anything. Reese. Is. Amazing. I could eat peanut butter cups all day. Can you believe I used to hate these?! I can’t!  They’re definitely my #1 pick.

That’s all for today’s post! What are your faves? Hopefully, I’ll see you tomorrow or Friday and I’ll show you my costume!! Have a great rest of the Halloween week!

Happy July 4th!!! 

Happy 4th, everyone! Just wanted to say ‘hi!’ I haven’t posted anything for a few days. Here are some photos from my day:

 This sno cone was FAB!
 Not as fab as this strawberry shortcake, though! 🙂

 Glow sticks before fireworks!

 I’ll admit it: whenever I see or hear fireworks, I always sing, “Baby you’re a firework!” in my head. Whoops. Sorry if it’s now stuck in your head!

  Uncle Sam! I could never walk on stilts, by the way! *insert laughing face emoji*

Those are just a few pics from today! I hope you all had an extra awesome day and ate tons of yummy food! 😛

Happy 4th!!!!