Snow Day

I’m a bit late to say this, but happy March! It does not feel like March yet. I do live in New England, however, so there really is no telling what March will feel like each year. We have already had close to eight snow days this year. We had one yesterday and I am…… Continue reading Snow Day

My trip to Arizona: part one

This summer (and year, for that matter) has really put me out of my comfort zone for a few reasons. Towards the end of July, my brother and I took a trip out to visit our family in Arizona… alone! Yup, no parents. I have always loved traveling but I had never traveled alone before…… Continue reading My trip to Arizona: part one

Two years!

Happy Sunday, everyone! Guess what today is?! You don’t know? Well, that’s OK. I didn’t know until two seconds ago when I got the notification from WordPress! It’s all good. I’ve been blogging for two years! Whaaaaat! Yep. Apparently on May 7, 2015 I wrote my very first post and Studio Josie had begun. Though…… Continue reading Two years!