D.C. Travel Film!

Just a quick post for today. Wanted to share with you guys the little travel film I created from my trip to D.C. All the info is in the description box regarding music, font, etc.

You can watch the video on my Youtube channel right….


(I unfortunately don’t have the plan to insert the full video so you will just have to click on the link to see it!)

Enjoy it and don’t forget to subscribe to see more videos!


Josie Goes to Washington D.C. {Part Two}

Hello and happy Thursday, everyone! Shall I resume where I was in the previous post? Here are more photos from the Smithsonian…



So after that, we went to the “Twilight Tattoo.” At first, I had NO idea what that was. Soooo basically, it is a war reenactment, but in song! A couple people from the military sang pop songs, and afterwards we could take pics with them. You have to see it — it was fantastic! Definitely one of the highlights of the trip. So much fun.

It was almost dark, so we took a night tour of some monuments. The first was the Jefferson Memorial. We also saw the MLK and FDR memorials.

I’m a little obsessed with bokeh. Just a little.

The amazing Eleanor Roosevelt!! Also — you’ll notice I don’t have as many pics from the night tour. That’s because it was so dark and we walked a ton that day so we were all a tad miserable… hehe. But it was so great seeing them and at least I got a couple shots!

The next day…

Thursday, June 2, 2016
Today our first stop was the Iwo Jima Memorial. I had seen photos of it and I didn’t recognize the name, but it was so awesome to see in person.


Next stop was the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial. This one was gorgeous. I thought the benches were such an inspiring way to honor those who passed away that day. It was such a beautiful memorial.


So next stop, we tried again to get into the Holocaust Museum, but they were out of tickets again! You should’ve seen the line… it was going down the whole building! Someday I’ll have to go back, cause I was dying to see it! Actually, without tickets we were able to get into the building and see two exhibits, so we were lucky!

We hit the Ronald Reagan Building food court next for lunch. I got my absolute favorite kind of sushi… the Philadelphia Roll!!!! It’s avocado, cream cheese, and salmon. AMAZING. And just look at that gorgeous styling on a paper plate. 😉


I also got rocky road ice cream for dessert.

Next, just for fun, we went to a carousel…


Next we visited National Museum of American History. We only had an hour or so in there, but it was totally worth it because we got to see an incredible exhibit that I’m just slightly obsessed with. FIRST LADIES! I can’t tell you how cool it was. It had most of their Inauguration Dresses and so much cool information on them, I could probably hang out in there all day. I EVEN SAW MICHELLE OBAMA’S DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was freaking out … it was so so so so so so awesome!!!!!! Plus a ton of others like Jackie O and Eleanor Roosevelt!

After we saw it I looked up info about the exhibit, and there was a pic of Michelle Obama when she donated the dress there. Guys. I was standing right where she was. AHHHHH!!!!!!!!


Next sop was Arlington Cemetery. People will tell you it’s huge. But it’s bigger than huge!!


I didn’t get too many shots, but I got more on video than on my camera. My favorite part was witnessing the Changing of the Guards protecting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I will never forget that! Very interesting to watch and I am so glad I got the experience.

That’s the end of Thursday!

Friday, June 3, 2016
Today is our final day! I woke up, ate breakfast, and got my stuff together. First, we went to the White House where we took a class photo. We couldn’t get super close (security reasons) but it was amazing to be kinda sorta close!


Our last stop was the National Archives Museum. It was pretty awesome because we got to see the REAL Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence! The museum itself had some cool interactive exhibits, too.

And we were off! That was my whole trip to Washington, D.C. I am so happy I got the chance to take this trip. I will never forget it and all of the memories I had. Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen! It was probably one of the highlights of my entire middle school experience.

Have you ever been to D.C? What was your favorite part?

Hope you all enjoyed! I have my 8th grade graduation dance tomorrow and I’m super excited! Hopefully I’ll be able to share a photo of my dress etc. on “the gram,” tomorrow! Haha. I can’t believe that I am graduating in a little over a week! EEEEK!!!

Happy Thursday!

Josie Goes to Washington D.C. {Part One}

Tuesday, May 31, 2016.
Today I woke up at 3:45 AM. I ate a small breakfast of egg and cheese on an english muffin, packed up my bags, and headed to school. When I got there, I found my group and got on the bus. Unfortunately, my friend Emma and I got the last seat on the bus. If you don’t know why I italicized that, you’ve probably never been on a bus. *Cough, cough: it’s next to the bathroom!* That was probably the only downside of the day.
After a couple hours, we stopped at a restaurant to go to the bathroom. Then, after that, we stopped at yet another rest stop to eat. We were almost there! It had been about 8-ish hours. Our first stop was the Air and Space Museum. It wasn’t the official one; I think there are a couple of them, and this one had mostly planes and ships.


From there, we headed to a mall. I got a super delicious slice of white pizza. For dessert, I had a frozen yogurt. Personally, I think it’s one of my prettiest and most delicious creations! 😉


Vanilla fro-yo topped with coconut, mochi, blueberries, blueberry boba balls, and caramel sauce.

We headed to The D.C. Mall, where we saw lots and lots of monuments, the first being the Vietnam Memorial Wall.



The Vietnam Wall. Very hard to take photos of as it is reflective, but it was beautiful and I managed to get this shot!


Korean Wall Memorial


That was the end of the first day!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Today I woke up and went to breakfast at the place we are staying at. I had french toast, eggs, and some fruit. Our first stop was Newseum, which is a museum all about journalism. We saw a 4-D movie that was super duper cool. We didn’t see everything there, but got to do a news broadcast exhibit with a green screen. You can control it all by yourself and it was a lot of fun and really interactive!
All of the groups then went down to the Holocaust museum, but there weren’t enough tickets, so mine didn’t get to go. 😦 Instead, we went to the Department of Agriculture for lunch because we had walked a ton and were starving! The food options there were endless, and I am so glad we got to eat there. I made a salad with spinach/mix of greens, chickpeas, cucumbers, tomatoes, with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing.


Next stop was the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History! It was gorgeous inside. There was a butterfly exhibit going on, and it was only six bucks so we decided to check it out. I was not disappointed because they were so pretty! I took a ton of photos:


Okay so that’s all I’m gonna share with you guys today. I will do a next part tomorrow!! My computer is slow and I wanted to get at least part one of this up!

Enjoy!! xo

New York City! Part One.

Hey, guys! So last Wednesday I went to New York City until Friday. (New Years Day) It was so much fun and I am so excited to share my pictures and experience with you all! (by the way – these were all taken with either my iPhone or Nikon) 🙂

This is just part one, so hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday I will put up part two!

We arrived at Grand Central at around 10:30 am. We checked our bags in at the hotel and went out to get lunch! We ended up going to Ray’s Pizza. It was so so yummy!!


After that we headed to the Winter garden theatre to see School of Rock on Broadway! School of Rock is one of my all time favorite movies (it may even be my favorite!), and I was really impressed with the show! I have seen the movie so many times I could point out everything they did and didn’t include in the show! The cast was super talented and I definitely recommend seeing it!


After the show, we went to the hotel. My cousin lives in Brooklyn, so we met up with her for dinner. The restaurant we went to was called Bareburger. It was one of the coolest restaurants I’ve been to! I got the black bean burger. It was SO. GOOD. Seriously. One of the best I’ve had. After that I got a chocolate banana milkshake, which was awesome, too!


After we ate, we went to the Rockefeller Center and 5th Avenue area. It was dark out so it was so pretty! Here’s the tree:


And here are some more pretty things:


Radio City!!!!


And NBC studios!!!!


The next day, Thursday, we went down to Chelsea. I looooooved Chelsea. It was so cool there and there’s so much to do.


For breakfast we went to DOUGHNUT PLANT!!!!!!! It has been on my bucket list for months now! So many of my favorite bloggers have been here and have blogged about it. So surreal to actually be there! Some of the crazy awesome doughnuts on the wall: IMG_8552IMG_8553

And the seats were even cooler!!


Okay, now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, I’m sure. THE DOUGHNUTS!!!! Here was our ‘haul’:



I tried them all. From top left: gingerbread, blueberry, cinnamon sugar, chocolate mint, creme brûlée, and coffee cake. IF I had to narrow it down to my top two, it would be blueberry and creme brûlée. But they were all so so so do amazing! You need to come here if you’re ever in the city!

After Doughnut Plant, we went to the High Line which is also in Chelsea. It was really cool and the view was beautiful!


And after that… Chelsea Market! I have seen pictures and read a lot about it. It was so so cool and I would love to go back someday. There was too much food to choose from but I ended up getting sushi from Beyond Sushi.


It was soooo delicious. It had avocado and sweet potato! I also got a watermelon mint lemonade which was really tasty.



After that we went to Jacques Torres Chocolate! I got a hot cocoa which was good, but very strong and dark. (and I got a chocolate spoon to go with it!)




So that’s the end of part one! Hope you enjoyed it so far and I can’t wait for you to see part two. There is just so much I decided to make it into two posts!

Have a great week!

Vermont (Trip #2) 

Hey guys! Last Tuesday, we left for Vermont and we stayed until Friday.  I had so much fun! I decided to share some photos from the second trip.

The first day we got there we went to Ben and Jerry’s, again! I failed to take pictures of my food, but I will say I got Phish Food ice cream which is one of my faves! After Ben and Jerry’s, we went to a Cider Mill which was really cool and smelt soooo good! We got free samples of cold apple cider, and we got cider donuts too! Oh, and I got a CIDER SLUSH which was amazing!!

I definitely recommend it if you’re ever in Vermont, or anywhere that sells it!

The next day, we spent some time in Burlington. It was a super cool town and there were so many awesome stores!  Here are some more pics:

This was a super neat mural that was all down an alleyway. It’s filled with famous and historic people from Vermont!

So yummy… This is a Nutella, strawberry and banana crepe. It was amazing! Last time I had a crepe was last summer in Maine, so this is a total treat for me!!

I got these cute socks in a store that ONLY sells socks!!

For dinner, we went to a restaurant called Tilt which was really cool because while they’re preparing your food, there are tons of arcade games like Pinball and Pac Man!

This was the sunset on Lake Champlain that night. So pretty!!

The next day, we went to Jay Peak which is a huge resort up in the mountains of VT. It’s at the highest point of the state! We went there for the water park (which is INDOOR!) and also for the arcade. The water park was awesome. There were water slides, a lazy river, hot tubs, a pool, and a surfing/boogie boarding wave.

The next day was our last day. 😦 We went down to Burlington to a restaurant called Penny Cluse Café.


I got yummy blueberry pancakes.

The bathroom was filled with these cute little coffee cups which is their logo!

That’s all for today! Have a great last few weeks of summer!

Vermont (Trip #1) 

Hey guys! So this past weekend my brother and I were invited to spend the weekend at our friends house in Vermont! We are actually going next week with my mom, too, so I will call this post Vermont: Trip #1. Here are some pictures (all iPhone) from our awesome time there!


The ride there was so beautiful! There were mountains pretty much everywhere I looked.
No wonder they call it the ‘Green Mountain State!’ 🙂


My first meal there was pizza and garlic knots. They were probably the best garlic knots I have ever had! (The restaurant was called ‘PieCasso Pizza,’ by the way!)


After we ate dinner, we got some dessert at the Von Trapp Bakery, which is right down the road from the Trapp Family Lodge. I got a magic bar and it was DELISH!!! The second pic is the view from where we sat and ate. This photo is nothing compared to it in real life!   

The next day, we went to the Ben and Jerry’s factory. I LOVE Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and I had never actually been to the factory, so it was so much fun! We took the factory tour, but unfortunately you couldn’t take pictures 😦 I did take some of other things there, though!!

IMG_2253 IMG_2256

I got Milk and Cookies ice cream. It is probably my favorite flavor! (next to phish food! 🙂 )

IMG_2240 IMG_2235

On the factory tour, you get to sample a flavor! The flavor of that day was a new one called Save Our Swirled. It’s raspberry ice cream with raspberries and chocolate covered waffle cone I believe. I don’t think this one is out in stores yet, but when it is I will totally be getting it! Oh and the second pic is of the outside of the factory! Super cool!

After that, we went to the Stowe Mercantile General Store. It was awesome! I love little stores like this and I did not want to leave!

IMG_2295 IMG_2262

Penny Candy!!

IMG_2306 IMG_2280

I ended up getting maple candy. SO YUMMY!! I love maple candy and since it was from VT, I think it tasted even better. 🙂 Oh, and there were so many adorable salt and pepper shakers!

Oh the third and final day, we went to the lake which was tons of fun. We were only there for about an hour, because we had to leave in the afternoon.

IMG_2307 IMG_2305

All in all, this trip was so much fun, and I can’t wait to go again next week! Stay tuned for the next VT post, and for more back to school posts, too!

What’s your favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor?

Happy Saturday!