My Summer Bucket List

Every year before summer, I always come up with a summer bucket list. I never seem to finish it, though! This year, I will! that’s my goal for the summer! So, here are all my summer goals… whether they be with my friends, family, or just by myself, I think they all look pretty fun! Oh, and feel free to take these ideas and achieve them yourself! If you want, post a picture of you doing whatever it is on Instagram or Twitter, tagging me and using the hashtag #StudioJosieSummer!

1. Backyard tent camping
2. Picnic with friends/family
3. Homemade slip’n’slide
4. Lemonade/cookie sale
5. Bike riding
6. Outdoor fort
7. Water balloon/hose fight
8. Go to the beach (a lot)
9.  DIY popsicles
10. Movie with friends
11. See fireworks
12. Messy twister
13. Car wash
14. Froyo
15. Start a mini garden
16. Farmer’s market
17. Visit new york city
18. Dance party
19. Eat (a lot) of s’mores
20. Amusement park
21. Complete a DIY (ha ha)
22. Pull an all-nighter
23. Take a day-trip with family
24. Kite-flying
25. Go out for ice cream
26. Complete 10 (or more) books
27. Go running
28. Write in a journal every day
29. Scrapbook
30. Do something FUN everyday!

xoxo, Josie

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