Last Day of School

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday!

Yesterday was my last day of 7th grade. My friends and I had a campout in my friend Megan’s backyard. We’d been planning it for a few months, and were so, so excited! (I was mostly excited about the s’mores 🙂 ha ha)

Let me just say that yesterday at school was kind of a drag… but we all knew the end of the day would be the best part! I am very glad I got to spend it with my some of my best friends!

I didn’t take pictures of every little thing. We took photos of ourselves mostly, and I took a bunch of pics of the sparklers, which turned out great! Here are some photos:


IMG_0170 IMG_0110                                                  YESS! I GOT MY S’MORES!



DSC_0159                                                Photo creds to my friend reagan 🙂

                              Here’s a pic that Megan took of me. I ❤ it. Thank you, Meg!!

So if you guys have read my previous posts, you know that J love summer and that I am so excited for it. Well, I don’t have to be anxious anymore because it is finally summer! YAY. I am so, so excited to share all the fun things I do with all my viewers.

Oh – that reminds me – I have seven viewers… what?! just yesterday I had like, three. I am so happy you guys are reading my blog and commenting very nice things about it. thank you and I hope you enjoy!

Have a great day!

xoxo, Josie

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