My Favorite iPhone Editing Apps

Hi, guys! Today I decided to share my favorite photo editing apps I use for Instagram, etc.

1. A Beautiful Mess

I absolutely LOVE ABM, and their blog is one of my favorites. Elsie and Emma are so creative it’s unbelievable! This app is so great, you can write, place doodles, and even filter on your pics! Oh, and their other app, Party Party, is super cool too.

2.  Fotograf 

I was recently introduced to Fotograf, and now it’s an app I use on a daily basis! There are SO MANY filters! #FilterHeaven! 

3. VSCO Cam


VSCO Cam is a great app. Although they have a ton of basic filters, a lot of them cost money. The app is free, though, and does come with about 10 standard ones!

4. Retrica

Retrica is an awesome app, and like Fotograf, it has tons of filters! (some do cost money, but the ones provided are fantastic!!) All of them are retro and some even look like Polaroid’s which is so cool!

Happy Sunday!

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