Vermont (Trip #2) 

Hey guys! Last Tuesday, we left for Vermont and we stayed until Friday.  I had so much fun! I decided to share some photos from the second trip.

The first day we got there we went to Ben and Jerry’s, again! I failed to take pictures of my food, but I will say I got Phish Food ice cream which is one of my faves! After Ben and Jerry’s, we went to a Cider Mill which was really cool and smelt soooo good! We got free samples of cold apple cider, and we got cider donuts too! Oh, and I got a CIDER SLUSH which was amazing!!

I definitely recommend it if you’re ever in Vermont, or anywhere that sells it!

The next day, we spent some time in Burlington. It was a super cool town and there were so many awesome stores!  Here are some more pics:

This was a super neat mural that was all down an alleyway. It’s filled with famous and historic people from Vermont!

So yummy… This is a Nutella, strawberry and banana crepe. It was amazing! Last time I had a crepe was last summer in Maine, so this is a total treat for me!!

I got these cute socks in a store that ONLY sells socks!!

For dinner, we went to a restaurant called Tilt which was really cool because while they’re preparing your food, there are tons of arcade games like Pinball and Pac Man!

This was the sunset on Lake Champlain that night. So pretty!!

The next day, we went to Jay Peak which is a huge resort up in the mountains of VT. It’s at the highest point of the state! We went there for the water park (which is INDOOR!) and also for the arcade. The water park was awesome. There were water slides, a lazy river, hot tubs, a pool, and a surfing/boogie boarding wave.

The next day was our last day. 😦 We went down to Burlington to a restaurant called Penny Cluse Café.


I got yummy blueberry pancakes.

The bathroom was filled with these cute little coffee cups which is their logo!

That’s all for today! Have a great last few weeks of summer!

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