A Color Story App: Review! 

Hi guys! I’m working on the NYC post — sorry for the delay! Anyways, have you heard of the website A Beautiful Mess? It’s probably my very favorite blog to read. The creators, Elsie and Emma, are so so awesome. They have two apps already, I think I’ve mentioned ABM, which is one of them. The other is a stop motion one called Party Party. I love them both so much! On Tuesday, they came out with a brand new photo editing app, A Color Story! It is the coolest and most useful app EVER! I love it so much! I bought all of the filters. I can’t get enough! (It’s a free app, by the way!) I’m going to share what it can do! Here are some examples of how awesome it is:  

 This photo is edited with just ONE filter! ONE! I used the Everyday filter, which comes with the app free. Look at the colors pop and the whites so bright! So amazing.  

 Another example. This one I used multiple filters. A lot were in the Chroma pack, though! (Oh – and there’s a curves feature! It’s so cool.)  

 This one was edited with Punch and Summer Day.  

 This is another really cool effect. (Everyday filter and flare 7, BTW) there’s bokeh, flare, light leaks, and color fog! 

  For this I also used the everyday filter. It really is for the everyday!  
 Everyday and flare 16!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I really recommend this app. This wasn’t sponsered and these are all of my opinions FYI! 

More posts coming soon! 

Happy Friday! 

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