NYC! Part Two.

Hello everyone and happy March! Okay… so it’s been a while since I posted the NYC Part One where I showed photos of my trip to New York. But now I’m fiiiiiinally doing part two! Yay! Here is the (long awaited) NYC Part Two!

Just to refresh your memory, we had just gone to Jacques Torres Chocolate where I got this delicious hot chocolate:


We headed back to the hotel and took the subway! I love the subway.


Then it was New Years Eve!

The next day was our last day. 😦 We woke up and went to a bagel place for breakfast called Pick-A-Bagel. I got an awesome cinnamon raison bagel with strawberry cream cheese. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of that… I don’t know how that happened! I always take photos of my food! Just take my word for it — it was delicious!

From there, we went to Central Park!


It was so cool being in Central Park. I’ve seen it in movies and TV shows and I was actually there! Oh – and the photo above is some sweet cashews. They were really tasty.

We went to the Apple Store after that which was SO AWESOME. I had never been in an Apple Store and this one was a great first experience. It was so crowded, though!


We walked back to Times Square (where our hotel was) and went into a couple shops to get souvenirs. I got a I Heart NYC shirt and a print of the city. 🙂 DSC_0149.JPGDSC_0147.JPG

And then we walked to Grand Central Station and went home! 😦



I had so so much fun in New York and I can’t wait to go back. Maybe someday I will live there! That’d be the coolest. Once again I apologize for the excessive delay for this post! But I hope you enjoyed!

Oh and can you believe I’ve almost had this blog for a YEAR?! I think I started it in May of last year. WOW. That is crazy!

Have an amazing day!

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