May 2016 Playlist!

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve written a post. On Friday, I got back from my class trip from Washington D.C. I am in the process of writing a post (It will be LONG — prepare yourself !!) I took so many photos and I’m really excited to share with you.

Today, though, I’m gonna share my current favorite tunes of May. You can find the Spotify playlist riiiiiiiight… here!

So, first things first, Regina Spektor!!!!!!!!!! Ahh!! I am obsessed with her. I discovered her a year or so ago because Naomi Davis from the blog Love Taza had mentioned her. (Obsessed with her blog BTW – I may do a post on my favorite bloggers soon…) I recognized a couple songs and eventually I had a whole playlist of ’em! They’re so fun and really pretty. While she may be very different than other artists these days, you’ve gotta give her a chance because at first listen, I didn’t love them, but she really grew on me.

1. Hotel Song // Regina Spektor
2. How // Regina Spektor
3. Oh Marcello // Regina Spektor

I mentioned last month that I’ve been loving The Go-Go’s album The Beauty and the Beat. Another month has passed and I’m still loving it!

4. Lust to Love // The Go-Go’s
5. Tonite // The Go-Go’s

Here are my favorite pop hits. I’m loving JT’s new single!! So catchy. I’m very glad it isn’t extremely overplayed. Yet.

6. Can’t Stop The Feeling // Justin Timberlake
7. Wild Things // Alessia Cara

OK, so you may have heard of Brooke White. She was on American Idol a couple years ago, and now she has a Youtube channel and blog along with Summer Bellessa called The Girls With Glasses. Anyways, they are so funny and have got great videos, so you should really check them out. Brooke has a couple albums out but just recently I’ve started to listen to them more. Then, I realized she’s part of an indie, singer-songwriter-type group with Jack Matranga called Jack and White. Um…WHAT?!?! I got so excited.

I also felt SO stupid because I’ve been following Brooke on Instagram for probably a year and a half now, and they came out with this album LAST NOVEMBER while I had just listened to it! And I had liked all of her photos that even had SAMPLES of the songs! That’s the thing I HATE about social media. It’s so fast paced. I am ashamed to say I don’t read captions, at least the whole caption, very often — sometimes I don’t even look at the post if it’s not loading fast enough! But their album Lost is so, so good. 

8. Little Bird // Brooke White
9. Lost // Jack and White
1o. In Love Alone // Jack and White
11. Jump the Gun // Jack and White
12. Walk for Two // Jack and White
(But basically the whole album…these are just my TOP faves.) 

Here are my final May favorites. I really like Tegan and Sara and they recently came out with a new single. So did Ingrid Michaelson! :0 And then there’s some Coldplay songs I threw in there, just because. 🙂

13. Boyfriend // Tegan and Sara
14. Hell No // Ingrid Michaelson
15. Adventure Of A Lifetime // Coldplay
16. Hymn For The Weekend // Coldplay

So if you’ve got the chance, check it out on Spotify! I’ve mentioned this but I am always on there and make monthly playlists. I can’t wait to share my D.C. photos and stories with you!

What were your favorite songs from May?!

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