Easiest Christmas Cards EVER!

Hey guys! Happy Saturday! As I write this I am knitting a Christmas gift for my friend (not at the same time, of course) and listening to the new Hamilton mixtape! (Jimmy Fallon, I LOVE YOU!!)

Today I am sharing literally the EASIEST Christmas card DIY. It’s extremely customizable, which I always love. I think customizable DIYs are awesome cause you can make them suit your style, and use what you already have at your house!

What I Used:
-christmas construction paper (I got mine in the $1 section @ Target!)
-washi tape
-star gems

Yep. THAT’S IT! If you’re a crafter or you’ve got a ton of craft supplies, I’m sure you’ve got all of this in your drawers.

I did two different types of cards, but as I said above, you can change everything to make it suit your style. I just figured I would share the ones I made this year! There are a ton of great ideas on Pinterest.

^^Washi tape forever!! <3^^DSC_0879.JPG
^^Love ya, Target.^^
DSC_0882.JPGDSC_0884.JPG^^Tracing a circle for the ornament…^^DSC_0885.JPGDSC_0889.JPGDSC_0894.JPG
^^ta da!!^^DSC_0898.JPG
^^See what I mean? SO EASY!!! ^^DSC_0905.JPG
^^ The final products…^^

I am one of those people who likes making their cards opposed to buying them. Sometimes I get so proud of my cards that I’m more excited for people to see them than the actual present haha! I hope you guys enjoyed this and maybe try to make them yourself, cause they were super fun to make!

Can you believe there are only, like, 15 days til Christmas?!?!?!? AHHH!!!

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