songs for cold weather

Last week, it snowed for about ten minutes while I was at school. Well, actually, I’m not sure if I’d even call it snow because nothing stuck to the ground. But still, there were snowflakes coming from the sky which is enough for me to burst with excitement.

Sadly, it hasn’t snowed since then. Now, I’m waiting patiently for the first real snowstorm to happen. Snow is the one thing that makes the freezing weather bearable, so I’m anxiously waiting for it to happen again.

If you are feeling the same and are craving a good snow day, I’ve created a mix of songs that will, perhaps, make the pre-snow distress a little more tolerable. They’re some of my favorites — both old and new — and they just remind me of winter: bare trees, cloudy skies, space heaters, frozen fingers, etc., etc. Whatever they remind you of, I hope they at least help tide you over until the snow arrives…

The first song, Wild Time by Weyes Blood is currently one of my most-listened-to songs on Spotify. Her album Titanic Rising is my favorite album of 2019. It came out in the spring, but I just discovered it about a month or two ago. It’s such a gorgeous mix of songs sung by Natalie Mering who has, what I like to call, a maple syrup voice (other artists in this made-up category include Neko Case, Linda Ronstadt, & Solange). And don’t ask me the criteria of the maple syrup voice because I don’t even know it myself. I guess their voices just remind me of maple syrup, but they’re smoother and a little less sticky than honey, ya know?

It was hard to pick which Elliott Smith song to include on this playlist, simply because every single one of his songs reminds me of wintertime. Because I couldn’t decide, I went with his very sweet cover of Thirteen by Big Star since the album cover has a wintry look to it.

Warm Honey by Willow Smith is wonderful. My friend Isa introduced me to her music while in Italy, and I’ve slowly become a big fan of her work. Her new album is crazy good, and she’s just an all-around lovely person. And super underrated, too! I didn’t know she made music until this summer, but her first album came out in 2015 which is crazy. Rediscovering new music always makes me feel like I live in a bubble.

These Days by Nico (well, sung by Nico) is the epitome of melancholy/wintry/cold weather tunes, in my opinion. I never tire of that song. And it always reminds me of this scene in The Royal Tenenbaums.

Oh, and I just had to include a song by The Cranberries. I have a hard time picking all-time favorite things, but if I had to pick a favorite band I’d probably say The Cranberries. I began listening to them during my freshman year of high school and listened to their second album, No Need to Argue, obsessively throughout the year. I have a vivid memory of staring out the window on the bus ride home with earbuds, listening to Everything I Said. Ah, freshman year me — so melodramatic. (But I still love that song and enjoy the occasional pretend-you’re-in-a-music-video moment.)

Anyway, when Dolores died last year, I was instantly brought back to their music and have been slowly going through each album. Also, I’ve watched their NPR Tiny Desk Concert probably 10 times. It’s that good. Her voice is insane and has made me cry on multiple occasions, which is not an easy feat.

Well, that’s about all the commentary I have for tonight. What are your favorite cold-weather tunes/artists?




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