August 2016 Playlist!

Hey, guys! I am happy to say that this is the FIRST post I am writing as a high-schooler!!!!! EEK! I started 9th grade on Wednesday and I SURVIVED! Whooo! I can’t wait to share my ‘experience’ with you guys as I go through the year.

Anyways, it’s September, somehow. I’m here to share my August playlist with you guys sooooo… here it is! Enjoy! (Follow/Check out the spotify playlist HERE!)

Spotify has a new feature called “Your Release Radar” which I am IN LOVE with! You follow the playlist, and it’s customized based on what you listen to, and who you follow! So whenever an artist or band you like comes out with a new single or album, it goes on the playlist which is updated weekly! I also love Discover Weekly, which is basically the same, but it adds songs that they think you’d like. Some of these are actually from those features! (BTW – Not sponsored or anything… I just love it so much!)

So if you’ve read my previous monthly playlist posts, you know I love Regina Spektor! This month, she’s released a bunch of singles which are gonna be on her new album! I love her cover of George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” which she did for the movie Kubo and the Two Strings.

1. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Cover) – Regina Spektor
2. Small Bill$ – Regina Spektor
3. Bleeding Heart – Regina Spektor

Here are some random songs that popped up on my discover weekly:

4. Criminal – Fiona Apple
5. Heartbroken – Meaghan Smith 

Idina Menzel is one of my fave artists, and she’s coming out with a new album this month or next (I can’t remember), this song is soooo catchy!

6. Queen of Swords – Idina Menzel

These are the couple pop songs that I’ve been loving lately:

7. Send My Love (To Your New Lover) – Adele
8. Kill Em With Kindness – Selena Gomez
9. Heathens – Twenty One Pilots

Some oldies…

10. Gypsy – Fleetwood Mac
11. Changes – David Bowie
12. Harden My Heart – Quarterflash

And these are the randoms!

13. Seeing Stars – BORNS 
14. Do You Love Someone – Grouplove
15. The Voyager – Jenny Lewis
16. Love Me, Haunt Me – Jack and White
17. Washed Out – Feel It All Around
18. Wish That You Were Here – Florence + The Machine

Hope you guys enjoyed that playlist! What songs have you been loving lately? I’d love to hear…

Happy long weekend!




July 2016 Playlist!

I am so excited to share my playlist for July with you all. It has been a pretty exciting month for music, in my opinion…

Before I start, here is the Spotify playlist. Enjoy!

I am so, so, so thrilled that one of my favorite artists, Regina Spektor, has come out with a BRAND NEW SINGLE!! And there will be a new album coming out in SEPTEMBER! I couldn’t be happier. She hasn’t released an album since 2012, and even though those songs will never get old, I am ready for some new ones! All The Rowboats is from the album “What We Saw From The Cheap Seats,” and Bleeding Heart is the new single.

1. All The Rowboats // Regina Spektor

2. Bleeding Heart // Regina Spektor

These are the pop songs that I’ve been into lately. To be quite honest, I am not thrilled about the current top hits, they aren’t too great. The only pop artists I have been enjoying lately are Meghan Trainor, Drake, Adele, & Selena Gomez. Here are some of the songs I do like:

3. One Dance // Drake, Wizkid, Kyla

4. Send My Love (To Your New Lover) // Adele

5. Me Too // Meghan Trainor

And I like this song, too. I don’t know if it’s considered pop, but I love Coldplay so… whatever!

6. Birds // Coldplay

Here are some other random songs I don’t feel like categorizing. Heh.

7. Darling // Handsome and Gretyl — I LOVE this band!! Their songs are so catchy!

8. Behind Your Back // Nelly Furtado — I read an article saying that Nelly Furtado had a new single. I checked it out cause I knew some of her older songs. I was never a huge fan because I was pretty young when she was popular, but I really like this song! Plus her last name is fun to say. Furrrrrtaaaaadooo.

9. Wow // Beck — I remember when Beck won the Album of the Year at the Grammy’s a few years back. I had no idea who he was, honestly. I looked him up a couple days after and realized he was the voice behind the song “Loser” which I had heard on Glee and the radio and had recognized. So I saved a few of his songs on Spotify and fell in LOVE with them. His album Morning Phase, which won the Grammy, is amazing!!! I watched a ‘Teens React to Beck’ video, and I feel so sad for those kids who haven’t experienced the awesomeness that is BECK! So this song, “Wow” came out a month ago I think.

10. Blue Moon // Beck — from Morning Phase. Gosh, this song is so gooooooood!

11. Light Me Up // Ingrid Michaelson — I love Ingrid and her music. In my opinion, she is so underrated. Most people have heard her songs “Girls Chase Boys” or “You and I” or “Everybody,” yet have no clue who sings and writes them, which sucks cause she is a very talented artist!

12. Space Oddity // David Bowie — This song, and David Bowie, is awesome. Do I need to say more?

13. Hazy Shade of Winter // The Bangles — The Bangles are by second favorite girl band, next to The Go-Go’s. This song rocks!

14. Los Angeles // the bird and the bee — I found this song on YouTube and it’s so fun! I have to check out more of this band’s work.

OK so I think that’s about all for my July Playlist! I would normally do it in the beginning of August, but I didn’t do a June Playlist, so I decided to give it to you now.

What songs have you been loving this month?!

Happy Thursday!

Summer Playlist 2016!

Here is my summer playlist of 2016! There are many more songs if you check out the actual playlist on Spotify here, but these are just a couple of my favorites. Also, down below after the photo, I have written them all out. I’ll be adding songs still so check it out! Feel free to pin or share this image.

2016 summer playlist .jpg

We Are The Ones (Own the World) // Charles William
Be Okay // Oh Honey
Shut Up and Dance // WALK THE MOON
I’m In Love With My Life // PHASES
Happy With Me // HOLYCHILD
Sun Shy // Dresses
Sharks // The Nobility
Wildest Dreams // Ryan Adams
Dream Away // Handsome and Gretyl
I Was Made For Sunny Days // The Weepies
White Tiger // Izzy Bizu
In The Sun // She and Him
I’m Good // The Mowgli’s
Reflections // Misterwives
Dog Days Are Over // Florence + The Machine
Out Of My League // Fitz and the Tantrums
On Top of the World // Imagine Dragons
This Is What You Came For // Calvin Harris, Rihanna
Wouldn’t It Be Nice // The Beach Boys
Ain’t It Fun // Paramore
Wild Child // Brett Dennen
Can’t Stop The Feeling // Justin Timberlake
Good Vibrations // The Beach Boys
Summer Nights // John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John
Good Day Sunshine // The Beatles
Name on a Matchbook // Springtime Carnivore
Tongue Tied // Grouplove
California Gurls // Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dog
Hell No // Ingrid Michaelson
Hymn For The Weekend // Coldplay
Toothbrush // DNCE
California Dreamin’ // The Mamas & The Papas
Can’t Hold Us // Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton
Love Shack // The B-52’s
Dreams // Brandi Carlile

ENJOY and happy SUMMER!!!!! Have a great day.



May 2016 Playlist!

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve written a post. On Friday, I got back from my class trip from Washington D.C. I am in the process of writing a post (It will be LONG — prepare yourself !!) I took so many photos and I’m really excited to share with you.

Today, though, I’m gonna share my current favorite tunes of May. You can find the Spotify playlist riiiiiiiight… here!

So, first things first, Regina Spektor!!!!!!!!!! Ahh!! I am obsessed with her. I discovered her a year or so ago because Naomi Davis from the blog Love Taza had mentioned her. (Obsessed with her blog BTW – I may do a post on my favorite bloggers soon…) I recognized a couple songs and eventually I had a whole playlist of ’em! They’re so fun and really pretty. While she may be very different than other artists these days, you’ve gotta give her a chance because at first listen, I didn’t love them, but she really grew on me.

1. Hotel Song // Regina Spektor
2. How // Regina Spektor
3. Oh Marcello // Regina Spektor

I mentioned last month that I’ve been loving The Go-Go’s album The Beauty and the Beat. Another month has passed and I’m still loving it!

4. Lust to Love // The Go-Go’s
5. Tonite // The Go-Go’s

Here are my favorite pop hits. I’m loving JT’s new single!! So catchy. I’m very glad it isn’t extremely overplayed. Yet.

6. Can’t Stop The Feeling // Justin Timberlake
7. Wild Things // Alessia Cara

OK, so you may have heard of Brooke White. She was on American Idol a couple years ago, and now she has a Youtube channel and blog along with Summer Bellessa called The Girls With Glasses. Anyways, they are so funny and have got great videos, so you should really check them out. Brooke has a couple albums out but just recently I’ve started to listen to them more. Then, I realized she’s part of an indie, singer-songwriter-type group with Jack Matranga called Jack and White. Um…WHAT?!?! I got so excited.

I also felt SO stupid because I’ve been following Brooke on Instagram for probably a year and a half now, and they came out with this album LAST NOVEMBER while I had just listened to it! And I had liked all of her photos that even had SAMPLES of the songs! That’s the thing I HATE about social media. It’s so fast paced. I am ashamed to say I don’t read captions, at least the whole caption, very often — sometimes I don’t even look at the post if it’s not loading fast enough! But their album Lost is so, so good. 

8. Little Bird // Brooke White
9. Lost // Jack and White
1o. In Love Alone // Jack and White
11. Jump the Gun // Jack and White
12. Walk for Two // Jack and White
(But basically the whole album…these are just my TOP faves.) 

Here are my final May favorites. I really like Tegan and Sara and they recently came out with a new single. So did Ingrid Michaelson! :0 And then there’s some Coldplay songs I threw in there, just because. 🙂

13. Boyfriend // Tegan and Sara
14. Hell No // Ingrid Michaelson
15. Adventure Of A Lifetime // Coldplay
16. Hymn For The Weekend // Coldplay

So if you’ve got the chance, check it out on Spotify! I’ve mentioned this but I am always on there and make monthly playlists. I can’t wait to share my D.C. photos and stories with you!

What were your favorite songs from May?!

April 2016 Playlist!

Hey, everyone! Can you believe tomorrow is MAY?!?! I can’t. That means I basically have a month and a half left of being an 8th grader! Crazy. At the end of May my grade takes a four day trip to Washington D.C. I’m really excited and I can’t wait to share photos with you all!

Anyways, today I am going to share my current faves of April. The playlist on Spotify is…


I’ve been listening to Florence + The Machine for a while but these songs just stuck out at me in April:

1. Delilah by Florence + The Machine
2. Queen of Peace by Florence + The Machine
3. Caught by Florence + The Machine
5. Mother by Florence + The Machine

I have also been loving the album Beauty and The Beat from The Go-Go’s. These were my faves of this month:

6. Our Lips Are Sealed by The Go-Go’s
7. Lust To Love by The Go-Go’s
8. You Can’t Walk In Your Sleep (If You Can’t Sleep) by The Go-Go’s

I re-discovered Regina Spektor who I absolutely LOVE! Her songs are so fun and catchy.

9. The Call by Regina Spektor
10. Eet by Regina Spektor
11. Two Birds by Regina Spektor

These are all of the top hits I’ve been loving: (Oh, the Misterwives song I included is one of my faves. They’re kind of like an Indie-Pop band that I’ve loved for almost a year now! I LOVE their songs. You should really give them a listen because they’re super underrated.)

12. No Need For Dreaming by Misterwives
13. Cheap Thrills by Sia
14. 7 Years by Lukas Graham
15. I Took A Pill In Ibiza by Mike Posner
16. Roses by The Chainsmokers
17. Work by Rihanna
18. The Judge by Twenty-One Pilots
19. NO by Meghan Trainor

That’s all for today – have a happy Saturday!


March 2016 Playlist!

Happy Wednesday! I think every month I’m going to try to share my playlist from the month. Since tomorrow’s the last day of March, I thought I’d do it now! In case any of you don’t have Spotify, I’ll post all the songs on here. Enjoy and follow me on Spotify to listen to my playlists!

  1. Unwritten //  Natasha Bedingfield

  2. Brighter Than The Sun //  Colbie Caillat

  3. Love Yourself //  Justin Bieber

  4. Cake By The Ocean // DNCE

  5. My House // Flo Rida

  6. I’m Yours // Jason Mraz

  7. Tiny Dancer // Elton John

  8. Cheap Thrills // Sia

  9. Alive // Sia

  10. Big Girls Cry // Sia

  11. Clarity // Zedd

  12. Me, Myself, & I // G-Eazy

  13. 7 Years // Lukas Graham

  14. Let It Go // James Bay

  15. Hide Away // Daya

  16. NO // Meghan Trainor

Let me know if you check it out!


2016 Valentine’s Day Playlist! 

Hello! Valentine’s Day is in ONE WEEK! Whaaat?! It feels like yesterday was the first day of 2016. This year’s gonna go by in a flash!

When I’m bored, I roam Spotify. I find new music, and discover songs I can’t stop listening to! I also make playlists, and this one has been created, thanks to my boredness! Hopefully this’ll get you in the “Valentine’s day spirit!” If that’s even a thing. I think it only works with Christmas. 😉

  1. Not A Bad Thing // Justin Timberlake
  2. Thinking Out Loud // Ed Sheeran
  3. I Want You Back // The Jackson 5
  4. I Choose You // Sara Bareilles
  5. Just The Way You Are // Bruno Mars
  6. Want To Want Me // Jason Derulo
  7. Rosalinda’s Eyes // Billy Joel (One of my favorites! It’s so catchy.)
  8. Nothing Without Love // Nate Ruess
  9. Marry You // Bruno Mars
  10. I’m Yours // Jason Mraz
  11. Cosmic Love // Florence + The Machine
  12. All You Need Is Love // The Beatles
  13. All of Me // John Legend
  14. This Girl’s In Love With You // She & Him
  15. We Go Together // Grease (You can’t listen to this song without singing along! Seriously. It’s impossible. A womp bobaloobop! A womp bamboo!
  16. Crazy In Love // Beyoncè
  17. Good For You // Selena Gomez
  18. Still Into You // Paramore
  19. Closer // Tegan and Sara
  20. Riptide // Vance Joy

You can go directly to the Spotify playlist by clicking HERE, and check out my other playlists, you! Enjoy! Happy Saturday!