The last few weeks in photos: my birthday & a day in northampton

Hey guys! It’s been a while. I feel like I start every post by saying that, but it’s true! I’m gonna stop saying “I need to write more” and instead ACTUALLY DO IT!

Anyways. Quite a lot has happened since I’ve last written. I’ll post a little today and and the rest either tomorrow or later this week. Now let me share with you…

I turned 15! My birthday is on April 7th, and this year it was the Friday before my spring vacation started. My birthday is never on a day as awesome as that! I feel like it’s alllllways on a weekday. Yes, it was on one this year, too, but if you’ve ever been to any school of any kind you know the day before a vacation is always the BEST because teachers rarely make you do very much work.  There was this dodgeball tournament thing – which I did NOT participate in 🙂 – that was really fun to watch cause I got to hang out with my friends.

After school I had sushi and pizza for dinner. Yup. SUSHI AND PIZZA. Aka the two greatest foods to ever exist! For dessert I had ice cream cake, which is my favorite.

My birthday was really fun and I can’t believe I’m FIFTEEN! I started this blog when I was thirteen so it’s almost been two years! You can seriously see how much my writing has changed and how much I’ve grown. Like, really. I’m so tempted to delete posts because some are quite embarassing, but that’s basically like deleting my history and I could never do that.

So after my birthday, spring break had begun! The Saturday after, my mom and I went up to Northampton, Massachusetts for the day. It was so much fun and I’m super excited to share these photos with you. Some of my family lives up there and it’s always so nice to visit because there’s so much to do!

First we went to one of my favorite restaurants EVER, The Roost. It’s so so so good and I love going there! We also met up with my aunt and cousin which was awesome!

I got a caprese sandwich which I had never gotten before. It was really really yummy! The drink in this picture is what I always pick out when I go there – I never see it anywhere else (or I just don’t notice it) but it’s the perfect mix of sweet and also not too sweet, which I LOVE!

Ok – tell me this doesn’t look AMAZING. Spoiler alert: IT WAS!!! Ugh I could eat that every single day. It was a fruit tart with some sorta vanilla cream and hidden chocolate cream at the bottom! So. Good.

The design in this restaurant is amazing, too. If you’re ever in Northampton you must eat here!

I love this picture from a really neat shop called Sticks and Bricks. There are tons of awesome vintage items!!

LOVE this one!! It reminds me of Elsie Larson’s crazy beautiful rainbow glassware collection! 

That building!😍 That’s one of my favorite colors. I own so many items in that color you’d think it’s my absolute favorite, but really it’s not! (Do you care what my favorite color is? Probably not. But I’ll share anyways😉.) Green has been my favorite for such a long time, I feel I’ll “betray” by changing it up. I know, I know. That’s insane. Colors don’t have feelings. But I love my colors! I’ll just say I love them all. 😉 except I don’t really like red… OK. I’ll stop now.

SO CUTE. This little shop is called Kestrel and they’ve got so many beautiful items.

Bob Ross knows best! 😉

Essentials is the cutest store ever. I wanna buy ALL THE WRAPPING PAPER!

I mean…COME ON! How cute is that?

We went to various other shops that day,  but our final stop was Florence Pie Bar. I apologize for this horrible photo – but I figured I’d show you what I got. This is some sort of pecan chocolate tart and it was really delicious!!

Northampton was a lot of fun and I’m really glad my mom and I got the chance to hang out there for the day! The next day I went to my grandpa’s house where we celebrated my birthday. I had a lot of fun and got to see my family, too.

That Monday I was super inspired by the gorgeous morning light in my room so I decided to pull out my water colors. 🙂

We had the absolute best weather that week! The sky is so so pretty. My brother and I slept over our friends’ house and it made me realize how excited I am for summer. I just love that it doesn’t get dark til around 7:30.

The next day it got up to 80 DEGREES so we went to the park for a while. It was so so nice out. Ignore my dirty Birkenstocks, BTW. 😉

Soooooo that’s it for part one! I’m so excited for part two because guess what! I went to NYC for the day! Ahhhhhh!! Can’t wait to share with you guys. Happy Monday!!!