an intermission: photos from the city

Please excuse this quick interruption of my Narni posts! I wanted to share a couple of photos with you from the last few months.

As I’ve mentioned, the trip was incredibly special for me, and I came home with a group of lovely new friends. Since we’re all from a mix of three different states, it was really hard saying goodbye at the airport as we didn’t know how often we’d see each other.

Since arriving back home at the end of July, we have had one reunion per month. We meet up in New York City and hang out for the day, catching up on our lives and eating gelato, trying so hard to relive the two weeks we spent together in Italy.

The reunions have truly been a highlight of my year. I love all of my friends, and it is a joy to see them and to catch up. This trip was such a wonderful time in my life, and their presence will always remind me of it.

Each month I have anxiously awaited for our next reunion, and I can barely focus at school the day before I leave for the city. Today, I wanted to share some photos of the city I have taken. I feel so lucky that I’ve been able to visit one of my most favorite places more frequently over the last few months. Every time I go, I get more and more eager to live there…someday!

Besides seeing my friends, frequenting the city has made me so much better at navigation, specifically regarding the subway. Last week, I successfully got us to each location and made no mistakes. It is incredibly empowering… almost as empowering as when you swipe your MetroCard and get through the turnstile in one shot! 🙂

Anyway, here are a couple of photos.

Beautiful bee art on the side of a mailbox.
If anyone knows this artist, please share with me. I saw lots of these illustrations on poles throughout the city, mostly in the West Village.
Again, incredible street art. There is nothing like this where I live, so seeing any form of public creativity and expression makes me giddy.
The Oculus! We went to the EATaly inside. I got some of my favorite chocolate there: Venchi’s Pistaccio Cremino. I discovered it in Sicily, and while it’s a pretty universal Italian chocolate brand, it unbelievably delicious.
A flower statue right outside the Oculus.
Washington Square Park: quite possibly my favorite place in all of the city. I will never tire of people-watching on the benches there. Lots of great memories have been made there, and it makes me smile just looking at this picture.
It’s really simple, but this is one of my favorite photos I’ve taken. It’s in the West Village, right on Carmine Street. I love it so much.
This photo is from last weekend, taken on the High Line.
This one was actually taken on the subway with my dad. We did some college visits in between my reunions (to Pace and The New School), and I took this right after seeing Joker in the coolest movie theater ever (it had reclining seats!!!).
Again, this was with my dad. Before our tour of Pace, we walked on the Brooklyn Bridge a bit.
This is right near Pace. I’m not sure what its purpose is, but I am in love with this building. The design reminds me of a chocolate bar.
Last weekend, in Grand Central. I took the train into the city for the first time by myself before meeting up with my friends. As an introvert, it was a little anxiety-inducing but also incredibly nice to be alone in the big city, even if it was just for a couple minutes.
The NY Public Library. This is where I met my friend Maia before we took the subway to meet up with everyone else at Chelsea Market.
The most vibrant and colorful flowers outside a little convenience store in Chelsea.
This was taken on the High Line as well. I couldn’t get a great shot of that mural,  but it is gorgeous.
Looking up from the High Line.

That’s all!

In the midst of senior year stress, it has been a treat to visit the city every couple of weeks. It’s always a breath of fresh air (well, not *literally* fresh air), and I always leave feeling so inspired. I can’t wait for our next reunion which will, hopefully, be soon!

I feel so lucky to have made such intelligent, kind, and loving friends who are willing to travel a little out of the way to get together. These mini day trips have meant the world to me; I know they may not last forever as our lives get increasingly busier, but I treasure them while they’re still here.

I’ll be back soon with my next post from Italy. I’m determined to finish the series by the end of November!

Have a great night.

PS. Wow. After four years of blogging, I just figured out how to do captions on photos. I apologize for the lack of captions in all of my other posts! This is so much better and easier, and I’m very excited to use them from now.