Fair Day!

Every year, my town has a fair that runs all through Labor Day weekend. It is definitely one of me very favorite days! The Friday before that weekend, my school has the day off because it’s such a huge event so we have a four day weekend! I especially love the fair because I can spend it with my friends because basically my whole school is there, and because it is a tradition! I’ve gone every year of my whole life and I hope I never miss it! I thought I would share some highlights from that awesome day!


The Ferris Wheel and some AMAZING corn on the cob! We get it every year!


Some of my (many) favorite rides!


Yup, I did go on the super slide! And of course got my DEL’S!!


I had so so much to eat but I like to say that it’s only once a year that we go, so why not?! I got the Ben and Jerry’s mixed berry smoothie! So yummy!


One of my all time favorite treats to get there is the chocolate banana. Oh – and the fried oreos! This ride above, The Freak Out, is also one of my faves!


I tried a Blueberry Shortcake for the first time and it was so delicious!! I may even like it more than strawberry!

That’s all for today! Sorry it took so long to post this! If you’d like to see more pics of this day, go check out my Instagram! Have a great day and weekend!

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