Making Scallion Pancakes!

The other day, my mom and I tried Cook’s Illustrated’s scallion pancake recipe. (Thanks to my aunt for the subscription!!) I had tried scallion pancakes a couple years ago and LOVED them so much. So, when I saw the recipe, I knew I had to try it!

Since the recipe was in a magazine, I’m not going to tell you every step. Instead, I’ll just share a couple photos and what’s happening in each one. You can find the recipe here or in the newest magazine.

Skip to the bottom if ya wanna hear about my experience with them!


^^About to make the dough^^


^^The dough!^^


^^Getting ready to put the scallions and oil on the dough, after we rolled it out.^^


^^Love this photo of the scallions on the dough!^^


^^About to put it on the cast iron skillet.^^


^^Just flipped it!^^



^^The Aftermath^^


^^ The finished product.^^




OK. So now I’ll tell you about my experience with the whole process!

Out of all the recipes I’ve tried, this was definitely one of the more complicated ones!
The final product was certainly delicious, but we thought we should’ve rolled the dough out more because they were a lot thicker and doughier than they should have been. BUT, I would 100% try again to perfect, or at least make ’em better than last time! They were super delicious, and the sauce was really easy to make!

Next time we make these, I’ll share photos and if anything’s changed.

On second note, I start high school in TEN DAYS. WHAT! I do not wanna go back to school… I know everyone says this, but summer went by so fast! I’ll keep you guys updated on my high school ‘experience!’ Hopefully, I’ll still have this blog by the time I graduate and go to college! 🙂

Happy Sunday! Have a great week!

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