Hello, Emma! {Collaboration Project!}

Hello there!

Okay yeah….

I am not Josie.

But before you think I hacked her (which I don’t exactly have the skills to do) I would like to delightfully inform you that she knows this is happening.

This week, we decided things were getting a bit slow, and we needed to change things up! So… why not switch blogs for a post?

Below, I’ve written 15 facts about myself. No, I don’t mean the typical, “I have brown hair,” “I have brown eyes,” “I am a girl,” stuff. Because… we get it. We know! We have eyes. Instead of stating the obvious, I have written a few unusual facts about myself.

  1. I have an irrational fear of small, black dots

  2. I’m extremely, overly obsessed with books… especially Harry Potter

  3. I lost 1.5 pounds when I cut my hair in June

  4. My initials spell EGG

  5. I have never eaten Taco Bell….

  6. ….Or Subway

  7. I hiccup when I laugh too much

  8. I cannot stand garbanzo beans

  9. But I like hummus (?)

  10. I’m a morning person

  11. I have a cactus named MiMi (short for mimbulus mimbletonia)

  12. Scariest class for me is Spanish

  13. I like 60’s music more than today’s pop

  14. Qdoba> Chipotle

  15. Every time I walk into Hobby Lobby I want to DIY everything

If you want to see my blog, click here! You might just learn a little about Josie there….

Xo Emma


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