High School, So Far…

Hey, guys! It’s been a couple seconds since I last wrote. I’ve been in school for a couple weeks now and I thought I would share some things I like and don’t like about it. Also, my town had its annual fair a couple weeks ago and I totally forgot that I haven’t done a post on it yet! But, one will be coming soon.

This semester, I am taking Algebra, History, Spanish, and Wellness. (Gym/Health.)

Things I Don’t Like About High School:

1. The loooooooong classes!!! At my school, we have four classes each day. They are 90 minutes each and it is SUCH a change from the middle school 45 minute classes. If I were to go back to middle school, they would probably seem short! If it’s a class I enjoy, then I don’t mind.

(OK, so I guess I didn’t really plan this post out very well because I can’t think of anything else I don’t like! But I guess that’s not a super bad thing, right!?)

Things I Like About High School:

1. The FREEDOM!!! Oh my gosh. On the second or third day of school I was in class and my teacher had given us an assignment to work on and he said that we could listen to music if we wanted to……… WHAT?!?! I had never heard a teacher say that. EVER. In middle school, you weren’t even allowed to carry around your phone! Also, we can chew gum which is awesome. The teachers trust you so much more!

2. Meeting new people!!! I have meet so many awesome people from other towns. On the first day, we were all pretty scared if we didn’t have any familiar faces in a class or at lunch. Sure, I still hang out with my original friends, but I think it’s a lot of fun to meet new people… especially since I have been with the same group of people for years!

3. iPADs!!! Our school gives everyone an iPad for the four years. I really love it because most of your homework is on it, so you won’t forget it. Plus, it’s really easy to use. There are totally cons to using it, though. One being if you forgot to charge it, or… *gasp* if you FORGOT IT AT HOME. That is my worst nightmare because EVERYTHING is on it!!

I plan on doing more of these all throughout the year, so this is all for today. Hope you guys enjoyed!

Happy Saturday!!

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