Bread :: a photo diary

Hey, guys! So last week, I shared my 10 things to do this fall list. I am so excited to tell you that this weekend, I completed TWO of those things! Yay! I’ll be sharing the second one tomorrow. 🙂

On Saturday, (or Sunday… I can’t remember!) my mom and I made BREAD! It was my first time making bread with yeast. I think it turned out really well, and it was way easier than I expected. We just used the King Arthur flour recipe for white bread. 🙂

Here are some photos:





^^Mixing it all together!^^



^^You’ve gotta get your chocolate on while it’s rising!^^



^^The finished product, looking beautiful as ever on that paper plate. LOL. ^^

So yeah! That was my summed up photo diary of my experience making bread! I hope to do it more because it was really fun and easy!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post! I’ll be sharing my apple picking and apple pie making photos!

Happy Wednesday…

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