Gift Guide: For the Book Lover!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today’s gift guide is for the BOOK LOVER! We all know one, and I am proud to say I am one as well. 🙂  I’ll be sharing my favorite books I read this year towards the end of December!

1. Novel Teas – LOL get it, novel teas?  Cheesy, but these are SO COOL. With each tea bag it has a quote from a famous book or author. I would totally keep all of them and put them on my bulletin board!

2. Book Lovers’ Soy Candle: Old Books – I have seen this all over Pinterest and I think it’s such a cool product! I’m pretty sure they have other scents too!

3. The Book Was Better Sweatshirt – I mean, come on. This is true for everything! (Can’t find the exact link to it, but those are some others on Amazon!)

4. Personal Library Kit – I HATE when I don’t get a book returned to me, so this is perfect if you’re always lending out books!

5. Just One More Chapter Mug – Super cute and extremely accurate. Haha.

6. Read More Enamel Pin – I am just digging these enamel pins. Adorable!

Which one would you get for a book lover you know, or for yourself? 😉

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