Would You Rather? Christmas Edition!

Hello everyone! The week is alllllllmost over. YAY! I’m so excited for the weekend. I’m crossing my fingers that there’s a snow day or two hour delay on a Monday, cause it’s supposed to snow! I love snow. I think winter is my favorite season, of course I say that during every season. Haha!

I know these tags are kinda cheesy, but I love doing them! So, here’s the would you rather: Christmas edition!

1. Have to sing Jingle Bells loudly every time you enter a room OR wear a santa suit to work/school every day for a week?

Definitely sing jingle bells. Even though I’m not much of a singer, I would much rather do that then wear a santa suit!

2. Not celebrate Christmas this year, OR not celebrate your birthday?

As much as I love celebrating my birthday, I would probably choose Christmas! There’s something that’s just more exciting and festive. Plus you wouldn’t get to do fun things, like decorate!

3. Have Frosty the Snowman as your best friend OR Rudolph?

Hands down Rudolph. I just LOVE him! That movie is awesome. Frosty is pretty cool (get it? Cool?! Hahahahah.) but he would MELT!

4. Have mistletoe hanging in your bedroom doorway OR have a large, decorated Christmas tree in your bedroom doorway?

Hm, I guess mistletoe. A tree in the doorway seems awfully annoying!

5. Have Christmas tree tinsel for hair OR have fingernails that light up like Christmas lights?

Oh, this question is tooo hard! I’m going to have to go with tinsel. I know it may be itchy and uncomfortable, but tinsel is so so so pretty!

6. Live in a giant gingerbread house OR ride on the polar express?

Gingerbread house! Last year I made gingerbread houses with my friends, and it made me realize how cute they are, and how DELICOUS!

7. Receive socks for Christmas OR a dictionary?

100% socks! Who doesn’t love a new pair of socks!?

8. See The Nutcracker OR dance in The Nutcracker?

I’m pretty sure I would ruin The Nutcracker if I danced in it. LOL.

9. Have a job wrapping presents at the mall OR have a job taking pictures of children sitting on Santa’s lap at the mall?

I love wrapping presents even though I suck at it! I’d have to say take pictures cause that’s something I love to do!

10. Eat your cereal with eggnog instead of milk OR eat a candy cane sandwich?

I know a lot of people who hate eggnog, but I really like it. I feel like that would taste just fine, if you get the right kind of cereal. But, a candy cane sandwich could be interesting if you add the right flavors…

I’ll leave you with one more question for you to answer in the comments if you’d like:

Would you rather have a nose that glows like Rudolph OR have elf ears?

Happy Thursday!

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