2017, resolutions, links, & some snow

Hi guys!! HAPPY 2017! Yay!

I’m really excited for this year and I hope it brings a lot of good things 🙂

Do you guys have any resolutions? I have a few… the first is the same as last year: write in my journal everyday. I *somewhat* did that successfully, but not really? I wrote in it at least 3-4 times a week, and for the first 4 months I did it everyday. So I’m pretty proud that I did that. 😉

My new ones for this year were to 1) write more on here, 2) take more photos, and 3) read more! I’ve been using Elise Joy’s goal tracker and it’s awesome.

I am always really busy with school, but this year I’m really gonna try to write at least once a week, whether it be some weekend links or a playlist!

Speaking of links, here are some of my faves from this week!

Chocolate yogurt ombre popsicles… YES PLEASE! Need to make these!

Mandy Moore’s award show dress… so so so cute!

Geo slice night lights… LOVE these. Super pretty.

Michelle Obama’s final speech… ugh. I’m gonna miss her soooooo much!!

Ed Sheeran’s two new singles… He’s back yayyyy! I’ve missed him!

Today we got a buncha show and I took out my camera to get a few photos…

IMG_0664 (1).jpg

Hope you guys liked those photos and that you all had a good first week of 2017!

Happy Saturday, guys!!

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