sunday night chat

Hello hello hello everyone! It’s been a few days… and by days I mean weeks! Ah! I’ve been super busy with school and studying for my final exams (yuck!) to have the chance to write on here.

A lot has happened over the past week or so. One, we got a new president. I don’t really talk about politics much, but I have no problem expressing my views on this subject area! I am not a Trump supporter and I do not appreciate anything about him. I know many people who do, and it’s great to see that other people have their own views and beliefs. I just do not think he is a good representation of America. I’m going to try my best to look on the bright side of things. I’m hoping he proves me wrong. Hopefully in 2020, I will be able to vote for someone awesome, like Hillary or Bernie! I can’t wait. 

What I do think is an amazing representation of America was all of the WOMEN’S MARCHES yesterday! Boy, was that awesome! So proud of the people who marched and all the people who spoke up and supported it. Insanely inspiring, and I will remember that day forever! Really wish I could’ve gone to one, but I feel like I was there in spirit. #GirlsRule, always and forever. XD  

I don’t want to spread negativity on here, so I’m just gonna share a few links from this week/last week that made me smile and took my mind off of all the sadder things going on in the world. 🙂 

Neil Patrick Harris + James Cordon = The BEST Broadway Riff-Off EVER! I love love love those guys and I love love love all things Broadway so this made my day. 

LA LA LAND. Oh. My. God. I saw this movie last week and I am in love! No wonder it won seven golden globes!! The entire movie was beautiful. Probably one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while, and it definitely made my favorite movies list! Totally have to see it again. (Again = 1,000,000 more times in Josie language.) If you didn’t see it – SEE IT NOW! This is one of those films that’s just better in the theater. 😉 (I have so much to say about it – I think I may do a movie review on it sometime soon!) In the meantime, the soundtrack will be on repeat 24/7! It’s great study music.

This. Just watch it. You won’t regret it. I’m still laughing.

Kate Middle-Toe Socks. Hahahaha! Genius. 

Aziz Ansari on SNL last night. Loved him as Tom Haverford on Parks & Rec and I love him even more now. He is hilarious! 

Peanut Butter S’moreos. Do I need to say more?! 

That’s all for today, y’all! (Why do I say y’all? I’m not from the south, but whenever I type I feel like an old southern lady…..but no one has complained so I won’t stop. LOL!) I hope this post was somewhat interesting… 🙂 I’ll plan on posting a la la land review or some other post later this week! I have Thursday and Friday off, (YAY) so I get some extra time for blogging! Happy Sunday & have a great week! 

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