March 2017 Playlist!

Hey guys!! I know I usually wait until the very end of the month to post a playlist, but I was just so excited to share my favorite songs from March that I couldn’t wait!

First of all, Ed Sheeran’s new album came out this month!!! AHHH!! I love Ed Sheeran. He’s one of the few pop artists I appreciate. I think his songs are just so catchy and most of them have really great lyrics, too. My absolute FAVORITE on the new album is Eraser. Ok, maybe this isn’t a good example of how great his lyrics can be, as the song is talking about alchohol (😂), but never mind that. It’s SO. GOOD. I just love this song. The rest of the album is pretty great… a few songs are a little too depressing, but the ones on this playlist are my favorites!

OK next I gotta talk about Ryan Adams. So his most recent album, Prisoner, came out in February so I’m a liiiiitle late to the game. I loved his cover album of Taylor Swift’s 1989, but have never given his older stuff a try. Now I’m kinda obsessed with him! I have been listening to the album on repeat and I love it more each time! I saw his performance on Jimmy Fallon, and it was just so. great. (Also, why did he and Mandy Moore have to get divorced?! I thought they were so cute together… but hey, maybe he’ll marry me now. 😉Hahah!!) My top favorites are Outbound Train, Broken Anyway, and Tightrope.

You’ll notice on most of my monthly playlists there are usually some random songs from the 2000’s. If I’m browsing through Spotify and come across a song I used to LOVE I freak out and become re-obsessed with it. So there’s my explanation for the two Avril Lavigne and P!nk songs. 😉

Hmmm let’s see. Oh – Lorde has a new single! I really like this one… not as much as Royals, but it’s a super fun song. I am also in love with John Legend. Ughhhh!! His La La Land Oscar performance was great. Him and Chrissy Teigen are my OTP and their daughter is SOOOO CUTE! Oh! I almost forgot. The Shins have a new album! I totally forgot they existed. I discovered them while watching Gilmore Girls, and then listened to them for a while but never got suuuuuper into them. But this album is really fun, and my favorite song is Half A Million!

Sooooo that’s about it for today!! I hope you guys liked hearing about some of my favorite music from March! What songs and albums have you been loving lately?!

Happy Monday! 😉


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