Vermont photos & happy Friday!

Hey guys! It’s been foreeeeeever since I’ve written on here. A whole MONTH. So, not foreeeeeever.. but you know what I mean. I’ve been a) super busy and b) lacking post ideas! BUT I just remembered I never showed my Vermont photos with you! I went a few weeks ago with my friend and her family, and it was, as always, soooo much fun! I went last summer and the summer before, so this was the first time I had been in winter! It didn’t snow as much as I thought it would, which was surprising but also great cause we didn’t get trapped up there in a blizzard! Here are some of my favorite iPhone photos I took while up there…


You know you’re in Vermont when THIS is the gas station ice cream selection… I mean, COME ON. It’s basically the entire factory in that freezer! They even have my favorite flavor, The Tonight Dough!


It was super late when we got there the first night, but the snow looked soooo pretty the next morning!

IMG_1305 (1)IMG_1442

I just had to take a photo of this house. It was right in downtown Stowe, and ALL the houses and shops just looked so beautiful!


We went sledding that day and it was awesome!! I love sledding, and this hill was just the best. Plus, it wasn’t too crowded, and people started to show up just as we left!


After sledding, we went to the general store, Stowe Mercantile! I LOVE it there. There are so many samples which I aaaalways help myself to. 😉 (If you go, you NEED to sample these corn nugget things… they’re AMAZING!!!) The jams are really yummy as well.


Really wish I had gotten these cute succulent salt and pepper shakers! I am obsessed with them!!


The penny candy I got! They have the best selection. My favorites are the nonpareils, candy rocks, those raspberry and blackberry things, and chocolate cookie dough bites!


How cute would it be if you bought some of these letters and wrote out a word or something on your wall?! I love them. They remind me of Fixer Upper!


That night we went to one of my favorite pizza places PIECASSO! We always go when we’re up in Vermont. It is deliiiiiicious. We got pineapple pizza (my favorite… why do people hate it!?!?!) and cheese! Oh – and garlic knots which are pictured above. Those are the best!


Love these! They’re right in the main waiting area next to the mini arcade. We have gone to the arcade every time and it is so much fun because we win stuff every time! Haha! The first time we won bouncy balls, this time I won TWO stuffed animals, and my friend Emma won HEADPHONES! They were super cheap and basically broke on the ride back… but come on…who ever wins at those games?!


Pretty lights outside!


Laughing moon chocolate factory! We stopped there on the way home. I got some kind of chocolate almond bark and it was so, so, so good!


Gorgeous sunset on the ride back!

I didn’t take too, too many photos this trip, but these were some of my favorites! Hope you enjoyed seeing them. I’m gonna be sharing my March playlist really soon… it’s a good month for music! Happy Friday, guys! Hope you all have a great weekend.

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