in a writing funk

I’ve tried and tried all month, but I can’t seem to focus and just finish a blog post. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m burnt out by all the academic writing I’ve been doing at school, but blogging is seriously a challenge these days. Hitting publish is even harder.

I want to write more substantial and interesting posts on here, but I often feel weird and vulnerable publishing them. I think that’s because I want to pursue something within the writing/editing field, and I want to my posts to be “impressive” (to who, exactly, I really don’t know…).

I often don’t think I’m a good enough writer to post something that has value on here (ex: something that isn’t simply a playlist or travel recap). However, I keep forgetting that this is my blog, and there are no standards! From now on, I’m going to stop trying to write as though I need to impress or inspire someone, because that’s holding me back from getting better. I’m just writing for fun on here; that’s what this blog is all about.

I googled “fun writing prompts” and decided to try one to get my creative juices flowing (and I apologize for using that disgusting phrase). This Buzzfeed post was the first thing that I clicked on, so I completed the very first prompt, which was to make a list of alphabetical advice. Much of this advice I should probably listen to myself. Here’s what I came up with:

Accept differences.
Be optimistic.
Create, don’t imitate.
Dive right in.
Eat dessert.
Free your mind.
Graciously accept compliments.
Have patience.
Interpret your own happiness.
Journal every day.
Keep dreaming.
Listen to new music.
Make goals.
Never judge.
Observe the world always.
Pay attention while conversing.
Question everything.
Record special moments.
Sleep well.
Teach others.
Undertake risks.
Vehemently practice the things you love.
Work hard.
Xtra effort pays off. (There is no decent X verb besides xerox, and I don’t think there’s any good advice that has to do with xeroxing.)
Yabber often and with no shame.
Zoom through hard times.

PSA: I am not a life coach or therapist, so all of this advice might be complete crap! It was just a writing exercise, and it has absolutely no substance to it. I am not particularly thrilled to post this, but I just needed to do something — anything — to write, publish, and, hopefully, begin to get out of this funk.

All I ever think about is how much I want to write, but I can never seem to build up enough confidence or motivation to just start doing it for fun. This blog is not my job, and for the past few months, I have been approaching writing in a way that made it both intolerable and tedious. I love to write, and this is the one place (besides my journal) I can write whatever I want and in whatever way I want. Starting now, I’m going to take advantage of that and just have fun on here.

Anyways, I hope you’re all having a great 2019 so far! Hopefully my motivation will remain constant after I post this, and perhaps I’ll try another writing prompt this week.

Have a great Sunday and MLK Day.

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