the last day of winter in pictures

My aunt got me a new camera for my birthday and for the Sicily trip. I wanted to bring something less bulky and much easier to carry around for my first trip abroad. (My Nikon camera is not too nice on my neck, and I’ve learned that the hard way!) Plus, I know I’ll be more satisfied with the photos since I don’t have to worry about settings as much! So, after spending the weekend learning how to use it, I took it out today to snap some pictures of the final sunset of the season…

I don’t mean to turn into a tech blogger, but I’m quite impressed with the quality considering it’s a point-and-shoot camera! I’m so excited to take more photos with it. Thanks, Aunt Rosanne!

I hope your last day of winter was lovely and not too chilly (or in my Arizona family’s case… not too hot!). Hooray for spring!

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