high school during a pandemic: day three

After a productive and decent day yesterday, I woke up more motivated and excited to work. Then, during Italian, I received an email from my school saying that it’s unlikely that we’ll be returning back to school, and if we do, it will only be for a few days.

All of my friends immediately started texting, sharing screenshots of the email and completely losing all hope. I could barely focus on my Italian lesson; it all felt like a dream I was going to wake up from shortly.

In Ceramics, my teacher updated us and told us his thoughts about the email. He’s worried and sad for us all (mostly everyone in my class is a senior) and told us all how sorry he is that we may have to cancel prom and other fun senior events. Everyone’s microphone was muted, and when he was done speaking, no one responded. I think we were all either crying and/or about to cry at this point.

In Piano, after a lesson on minor chords and 7th chords, my teacher talked about how our recital will most-likely not happen either. Another disappointment that we can only hope turns out to be false.

It was really hard to get through my classes after that ominous email. It all happened so fast that none of it feels real. A week ago I was in school, happy with all my friends and teachers and attending clubs. I never thought that life would look like this back then.

Speaking of clubs, I’m on the executive board of the student council, and we decided to continue meeting every Tuesday and Thursday after school to make things feel a little more normal. While we don’t really have any urgent planning to do for events (such as the blood drive, which is most definitely not happening!), it still feels good to talk to everyone and discuss possibilities for community building… while quarantined.

But I haven’t given up hope completely. Nothing is official and nothing has been confirmed about school and/or events yet, so I’m going to live on that last little grain of hope until we’re given final answers.

Anyway, my piece of entertainment for today is a movie!!! I follow Kumail Nanjiani on Twitter, and he recently tweeted this which reminded me of his movie from a few years back, The Big Sick. I actually watched it for the first time last year, and it’s fantastic. Like, top-notch dramedy. If you need something to watch, I highly recommend this one which you can find on Amazon Prime.

I’m gonna try to get some sleep. Let’s all try to make tomorrow a good day. I hope everyone who’s reading this is doing well and staying inside as much as possible. Goodnight!



One thought on “high school during a pandemic: day three”

  1. I’m so sad for all the senior year milestones you all may miss. There is still hope, though, so let’s not give up yet! Keep blogging this surreal experience; you’re going to have a good record of a dramatic time in world history.

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