high school during a pandemic: day four

Here are some of the flowers in my front yard to brighten your day.

Today one of my teachers said that it doesn’t feel like it’s only the fourth day of online learning. And it’s true: it feels like this has been going on for months. Each day I’m stuck at home feels like it lasts a lifetime.

I think today was the best day so far, though. I woke up a bit too late but made it to Italian class right on time. And you know the rest. Ceramics, lunch, piano. The same old schedule.

I don’t know what made today better than the others. Perhaps it’s because I had a better mindset. As I mentioned yesterday, I have been trying so hard to be hopeful about all of this because the future of my senior year hasn’t been decided yet. So I had good thoughts all day and enjoyed seeing my classmates and teachers, along with a few of my friends over FaceTime.

I started a Microsoft Teams group with all of my friends so that we can chat during our scheduled lunchtime. Today my friend Emma was the only one who joined, haha, but we caught up and I enjoyed seeing her and her family… through the screen. This whole thing has also made me realize how much I took seeing my friends for granted!

After school, I went for another run. I ran two miles down my road and it felt great. Something about pushing myself to get over the hills is very therapeutic.

And when I got home, I worked on my homework which consisted of a short Italian worksheet and piano piece practice. I also cleaned my room which helped ease my mind a bit.

Anyway, today wasn’t too eventful, but it was relaxing and I feel much better than I did yesterday. I hope these blog posts aren’t too boring. I will try to make them more interesting as time passes! Ultimately, they are for me to share this experience with anyone interested and to look back on it in the future.

Oh, I almost forgot a happy thing for today! If you’re on Instagram, you must follow Dan Pelosi. His stories are so funny and clever and they make me very hungry, but I look forward to them every day. He’s been posting a lot more since he’s stuck at home, so it’s been keeping me very entertained!

Well, I’ll stop talking about myself for now and ask you all a question: how are you doing? How are you keeping busy? I’d love to hear. I have all the time in the world…

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