My 18th birthday… in quarantine! (week four)


Last Tuesday, April 7th, I turned 18. The weather was gorgeous, and it was by far the best day of the week to have a birthday, despite the current state of the world.

Just a little over a month ago, I had plans to visit my mom in Vermont. I also had plans to visit the city to see my friends and to celebrate birthdays in our group. But as this year has taught us all, plans change, and sometimes we just have to adapt, accept, and go with the flow.

On the morning of my birthday, a family friend of mine & her daughter came over and decorated the fence in front of my house with paper decorations and a sign that said “Happy Birthday Josie.” She also left a sweet birthday card and some cupcakes. It was a really lovely start to the day. Thanks, Mrs. Morin & Mary ❤️!

Then, I had online school throughout the day. I’m probably one of the few people that actually enjoys having their birthday on a school day. I guess I just like the attention 😉. It was a really great day at school, though. My Italian class sang to me (in Italian, of course), along with my ceramics class, and my piano teacher played a dramatic rendition of Happy Birthday for me, too. I so wish I could have been with them all at school, but their virtual presence and songs made me so happy, even from afar.

After classes, I Zoomed with both my friends from school & from the Italy trip. Zoom is really fun, and all of my friends were putting pictures of me as their background 😂. Also, PSA: should you ever attend a virtual birthday party, singing Happy Birthday is not the most, uh…nice-sounding tune 😉.

I went on a run after my virtual birthday parties ceased and enjoyed Mother Nature’s gift to me. Then, my dad & brother made dinner, and I blew out the candles on my cupcakes. I talked to my mom, grandpa, and aunt on the phone, and then chatted with one of my friends until the day was officially over.

Earlier this year, I had never been so excited for a birthday in my life. Turning 18 is so exciting, and I was totally bummed out when I realized we’d still be in quarantine when the date came around. But thanks to my friends and family, it was just as wonderful as I had planned. It’ll be nice to celebrate with everyone in person someday, but for now, we’ll keep our six-foot distance and give air hugs until this is all over.


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