high school during a pandemic: week three

Another shot of the front-yard flowers.

Is it just me, or are the weeks going by ten times faster than usual? During the day it feels as if it will never end, but at the end of each week, I find myself wondering how it went by so quick. Time is a hazy concept these days.

I can’t believe we’re going into our fourth week of quarantine/online learning/all this craziness. This week, I turn 18. In the very first blog post I wrote for this series, I wrote that all I wanted for my birthday was to be back at school because I genuinely thought this would only last a week or two. Back then I had so much more hope! Now, my wish is to be back in school before Memorial Day, but we’ll see.

This week was…alright. Like I mentioned last week, piano is my favorite class, and it’s really the thing I look forward to every day. This week we started a unit on music appreciation/history, and it’s so interesting. We are learning about three composers from the Baroque era now (Handel, Vivaldi, & Bach).

I also said this last week, but learning how to read basic music myself makes me so much more appreciative and impressed by these composers (and all musicians in general). Like, obviously I knew they were considered “great,” but it never really clicked as to why until now.

My other two classes were fine. Ceramics is getting more and more difficult for me now. Not so much because of the assignments, but because I am so eager to work with clay again. I really really miss it.

Here is the owl I promised I’d share with you last week.



It is made of all recycled materials/things I had around my house. The base is a cardboard tube, the head is paper mache, the wings are cardboard and tissue paper, the feathers are old paint samples, and the ears are wire with string wrapped around it.

For this week’s fun piece of entertainment, I wanted to encourage you to watch the Bon Appetit Youtube channel! Listen, you don’t have to be a cook or a baker to love these videos. They’re so much fun, and everyone in the test kitchen crew is wonderful. I’ve been a fan since they started making Gourmet Makes, and the channel has totally taken off since then. Now it’s kind of like a really really good reality show. Go watch a video or two to cheer up (and get very hungry)!

That’s about all I wanted to share for this week. I just wanted to check in with y’all and share these updates. This coming week I’m thinking about doing a couple of posts, one for my birthday and another sharing a playlist I just finished. But anyway, how are you doing?

I hope you all have a relaxing Sunday night. I’ll be back soon, only next time I’ll be an adult :0

One thought on “high school during a pandemic: week three”

  1. Nice job Josie, welcome to adulthood – almost. I like the owl. Hey I have an idea for your ceramics class. First guess how many, then look ALL around your house and count/list how many things are ceramic! Start in the kitchen of course but then there’s the bathroom :/ and so on and on. What about the backyard?


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