high school during a pandemic: day five

My favorite photograph of David Bowie.

I’ll start today off with a happy piece of entertainment. The Guardian just released their ranked list of David Bowie’s greatest songs. While it’s missing a couple of my favorites (e.g. Soul Love and Lady Grinning Soul), this is a solid list. Here’s a link to the actual playlist on Spotify. Happy listening!

Also, not school-related: I am becoming more and more irritable stuck inside my house every day, but I also don’t want to leave. I have been keeping myself busy, yes, but I dream of going to the beach with my friends.

Anyway…now onto day five. 

Today we received an email from the administration at my school. It contained a couple of updates regarding eLearning. The first was that, as of now, May 4th is the earliest possible date of our return. The second was that we will now only have formal classes Monday – Thursday; Fridays will be “office hours” for teachers, so we can meet with them if we want, but we’ll be given an assignment on Thursday to work on over the weekend.

So online learning is kind of the new norm, at least for the next month or so. The potential May 4th date was encouraging, although I’m sad we’ll be out of school for all of April. But, say we do come back on that day: we’d still have an entire month left until graduation which would be so wonderful. I’m trying not to be too optimistic because that date was only tentative, but I can only hope that it remains true.

Before classes today, I had a Women’s Leadership club meeting. It was really nice to be able to talk to all of my friends in the club and to our awesome advisor. Then, after school, we had a student council meeting which went really well. Since most of our events and plans aren’t going to be happening anymore, we began brainstorming ideas of virtual things we can do to keep the school community connected. There were some really great ideas that left me feeling excited and inspired.

I’m happy that most of the clubs I’m in are continuing to meet. It’s great to talk to my teachers and classmates, but since I’m so involved with clubs at my school, it would be weird to go without them for so long. Club meetings always make me feel very accomplished, even if we just chat about potential ideas for the future, and feeling like I’ve accomplished something while stuck in my house is exactly what I need.

This whole thing has made me realize so many things, but one I never really pondered before was how special my school community is. I seem to always focus on all the things that go wrong or that I dislike about my school. Maybe that’s just because I’m a teenager and it’s just the way my mind works, but this situation has made me see how connected my community is and how well everyone works together.

I know that not all schools are like this, and for that, I feel very lucky. If I could wave a magic wand and give every school the same opportunities and capabilities, I would. All I know is that once we all return to, many of my peers will have a similar mindset about our school. And even though I’m graduating this year, I look forward to seeing how this setback leads to positive growth and change, both in my school and in the world as a whole.

Have a great night.


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