high school during a pandemic: day six

Well, I survived a whole week of distance learning and social distancing. If you did too, congratulations (I guess?), and I hope you made it through the week alright.

Recently I’ve been thinking about how different this year has already been compared to last year. 2019 was probably the best year of my life, and, while I know it could always be worse, this year is shaping up to a pretty crappy one so far. I just hope it gets better over the next nine months.

Today was a good day, though. It was Friday, so my classes were relaxed and fun. In Italian, my teacher did a cooking lesson in her kitchen on cacio e pepe. Even when we’re at school, she occasionally will bring in a hot plate and prepare a dish for us all which is one of my favorite parts of the class. At the end of the lesson today, she told us how she had meant to do this with us all at school and that she was so sad that we weren’t able to taste it. 😦

In piano, we had a “show and tell,” and most people showed their pets, so that was really fun. When we’re actually in school, we don’t always have a lot of time for bonding and learning about each other, so the little things we’ve done through online learning have made me feel a lot more connected to my classmates and teachers. God, I know I say this in *literally* every blog post, but I really, really, really want to go back to school.

Aside from my schoolday, I started preparing a new sourdough recipe. I’m really anxious to see how it turns out, but I’ll find out tomorrow morning after I bake it! I was thinking of doing a post all about my sourdough journey sometime this weekend since I won’t be doing one of these blogs til Monday. There’s a lot to talk about, so stay tuned!

My happy thing for today is Trey Kennedy’s YouTube channel.  I just watched three or four of his older videos after forgetting about him completely, and they made me laugh so hard. They’re just really goofy and scarily accurate, so check them out if you need a laugh.

That’s all I have for today. Always remember that Friday is the best day of the week; try to make yours a good one, even through all of this craziness.

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