high school during a pandemic: week two

Tuesday’s snowfall which quickly got ruined by an overnight rainstorm. 

This week I decided not to write a post every day for the sake of repetitiveness and for my lack of inspiration. Thus, here is a recap of my week indoors and of my eLearning experience…

This week I woke up late every day. Well, late meaning 9:30 a.m. Each morning, I quickly jumped in the shower, grabbed a piece of fruit, made myself an iced coffee, and logged into my first class at exactly 10 a.m. Over the past two weeks, I have enjoyed being able to stay up later at night, but it has certainly not helped me be a productive person the next morning.

In Italian class this week, we continued working with the past tense and discussed how to mix it with the imperfect tense. Today, Friday, we didn’t have school (since we only have formal classes Monday – Thursday now), but we took a quiz. I also met with my classmates who are planning to take the AP Italian exam later in the spring, and we went through ten (very difficult) multiple-choice questions. We only got two wrong – whoo hoo!

In Ceramics, we continued to work on our found object sculptures. I can’t remember if I mentioned this last week, but I’m making an owl. I’ll share it when I’m done, but so far I have been very grateful for my superfluous amount of leftover cardboard and paper scraps. Each day for homework, we take a video of our daily progress and submit it so our teacher can see a 3D example rather than just a photo of the front side.

In Piano, we learned about chord inversions and continued practicing chord creation. We also took a test on everything we’ve done so far in the semester, and yesterday we did music trivia (and I won ;)! ). Even from afar, I am loving piano class because it makes me realize how little I know about music. There’s so much to learn, and it’s making me more appreciative, attentive, and curious while I listen to music on my own.

Week two was definitely easier than week one. I have come to realize that we will most likely not return to the school this year. I mean, the Olympics were postponed…and they’re in July. I can only hope and pray that we are able to come back for at least a couple of weeks. With new alarming statistics and scary stories coming out about this pandemic every day, it is becoming increasingly difficult to remain hopeful, but I’m still trying.

Aside from school, I have been talking to friends and family a lot through FaceTime. I had a Zoom “reunion” with all of my friends from my Italy trip on Wednesday, and it was so much fun. We’re planning another one on Sunday and I can’t wait. Seeing them, and all of my other friends & fam, over FaceTime just makes me that much more eager to see them in real life. It’s just scary because I’m not so sure when that will be.

And now, here’s my happy piece of entertainment for you! I wanted to share this awesome website/app I came across. I shared it with my piano teacher this week and I’m totally obsessed with it. It’s called Radiooooo and it’s basically a music discovery program. You can pick (almost) any country in the world and mix it with any decade from 1900 – now. Then, you can select a type of song from the three categories: slow, fast, and weird (weird is my favorite).

Users of the app can add songs, so there are thousands for each decade/country combo. It’s very well-made (although, the iPhone app isn’t great; I’d go with the tablet version or the web version), and it’s such a cool idea. There are a lot of other neat features I have yet to play around with, but if you’re into music at all I highly suggest checking it out for a fun “trip around the world” from inside your house 🙂

ALSO, this week I watched the Amy Winehouse documentary, Amy, which is available on Netflix. If you are at all a fan of hers, I can’t recommend it enough. I have thought about it every day this week and can’t stop listening to her music. Go check it out this weekend and have a happy Friday!

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