Hiiiii! I’m Josie. I am currently thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen, and I just finished high school. I live in a very rural town in New England. I started this blog when I was in seventh grade, and since then, I’ve been sharing photos and stories of anything & everything about my life.

A few of my favorite things to write about are art and design, music I’m loving, food and recipes, crafts and DIYs I’ve completed or am working on, television and movies I’ve been watching, books I’m reading, and, more recently, places I travel. I also like to rant and complain about how I have no time to write.

Nevertheless, I manage to write whenever I have a few hours to spare. I have stuck with this outlet because I can essentially do whatever I want with it (as long as it is within the realm of the WordPress plan I have chosen). I love my blog, and I love that it’s always there for me when I need it. I hope you’ll stick around and explore it a bit. (But maybe avoid my posts from 2015; they’re just a little embarrassing.)

Things I Like: owls, cats, music, flowers, New York City, the movie School of Rock, magazines, traveling, antique stores, people who practice good grammar, baklava, pierogi, Broadway musicals, baby names, in-ground pools, hiking, crafting, the second-hand clothes, learning languages.

Things I Don’t Really Like: celery, being sick, raisins, meat, math, waking up early, rude people, soda, pop country music, crowded beaches, excessively loud dogs and children, long winters, sunburns, gym class, the color red.

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