Hi there! I’m Josie.

I’m so glad that you’ve decided to stop by my blog! I am thirteen fourteen fifteen, and in my freshman year in high school.  

As you read my blog, you’ll notice I have many likes, loves, and obsessions with many things. One thing I love is interior design, decorating, and beautiful homes. It all started at my nana’s house about four or five years ago. She had the Property Brothers on, and I remember sitting on her couch, not wanting to leave! Since then, I have been very interested in design of all kinds. My favorite show on HGTV at the moment is Fixer Upper, but I also love Flip or Flop!

Another one of my favorite things is photography. I could take pictures all day. I remember one summer at the beach I saw tons of people with huge lenses. I wondered what amazing pictures they must have taken! All of my photos are taken by either my iPhone 5c or my Nikon D3100. With my Nikon, I have the default lens and the 50mm lens.

Food is also a pretty big part of my life. My whole family is vegetarian (besides my mom, who’s vegan) and I was raised as one. Even though I haven’t had meat, I don’t think I am really missing out on anything, as there are many delicious substitutes! I love to bake as well, and I post recipes on here once and a while.

I also have a BIG obsession with all things pop culture. I love TV, movies, books, music, and People Magazine. I really enjoy reading about celebrities and their lives, which is why I enjoy reading blogs, as well! I’m always the one who knows that actor who was in that movie, or the actress who was a guest star on that TV show.

The first blog I came across was Joy Cho’s blog, Oh Joy. I came across her Pinterest, and then checked out her website. I read it for hours and signed up to be on her mailing list right away. Since then, I have discovered tons of others. Some of my favorite ones are Lace and Lilac, (Abby is so sweet and she gave me advice on how to start a blog in the first place. Thank you, Abby!! <3), Love TazaA Beautiful Mess, Studio DIY, and many more.

I love writing, so blogging is a ton of fun. It combines so many things I love. I know there aren’t a ton of bloggers as young as me these days, so I am glad to be one of the few! If I’m still blogging in 5 years, it will be awesome to look back at my first posts to see how much I have changed.

So yeah. As you can see, there are many things that make up me! I am always changing and I become obsessed with things very fast. Some may think it’s bad to love so many things, but I think it makes life a little more interesting. 🙂

Have a great day, and if you’d like to learn EVEN MORE about me, check out the explore drop down page or follow my social media!


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  1. The first is Raveled by Anne McAneny. It’s set in the deep south and is a mystery that brings a young woman into her childhood past. Very clean, no romance but pretty dark. The second is called Aberrations by Penelope Prezkop. It’s one of my favorites, but doesn’t get a lot of interest, just because of the idea that the teen character has narcolepsy and people think it’s strange. However, it reads almost like art, and is written so beautifully and bittersweet. It has one or two “suggestive” scenes, but no erotica or overtly gratuitous scenes. She’s a troubled teen, so some things DO happen… as in real life, unfortunately. The author is a mixed media artist who is incredibly talented, but just doesn’t market much. It’s acutally one of my earliest narrations, so might not be a great “technically”, but it’s superb. Look them up on Audible.com. You can search by Rebecca Roberts as well, to see my other titles. Email me at rebeccarobertsvoice@gmail.com, or leave a comment on my blog http://www.rebeccarobertsvoiceblog.com , but either way, I will need your email address in order to gift you your copy ( or copies ).

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