Hi there! I’m Josie.

I am currently thirteen fourteen fifteen and in my sophomore year of high school.   

As you read my blog, you’ll notice I’m very passionate about many things. It’s often quite annoying as I can never pick a favorite anything, but it’s also who I am and I secretly love it.

Something I’ve always been passionate about is interior design. I love decorating and looking at beautiful homes. It all started at my nana’s house about four or five years ago. She had the Property Brothers on, and I remember sitting on her couch, not wanting to leave! Since then, I have been very interested in design of all kinds. My favorite show on HGTV at the moment is Fixer Upper, but I also love Flip or Flop. I hope to flip at least one house someday!

Another one of my favorite things is photography. I could take pictures all day. I remember one summer at the beach I saw tons of people with huge lenses. I wondered what amazing pictures they must have taken! All of my photos are taken by either my iPhone 5c or my Nikon D3100. With my Nikon, I have the default lens and the 50mm lens.

Food is also a pretty big part of my life. My whole family is vegetarian (besides my mom, who’s vegan) and I was raised as one. Even though I haven’t had meat, I don’t think I am really missing out on anything, as there are many delicious substitutes! I love to bake as well, and I post recipes on here once and a while.

I also have a BIG obsession with all things pop culture. I love TV, movies, books, music, and People Magazine. I really enjoy reading about celebrities and their lives, which is why I enjoy reading blogs, as well! I’m always the one who knows that actor who was in that movie, or the actress who was a guest star on that TV show.

The first blog I came across was Joy Cho’s blog, Oh Joy. I came across her Pinterest, and then checked out her website. I read it for hours and signed up to be on her mailing list right away. Since then, I have discovered tons of others. Some of my favorite ones are Lace and Lilac, (Abby is so sweet and she gave me advice on how to start a blog in the first place. Thank you, Abby!! <3), Love TazaA Beautiful Mess, Studio DIY, and many more.

I love writing, so blogging is a ton of fun. It combines so many things I love. I know there aren’t a ton of bloggers as young as me these days, so I am glad to be one of the few. If I’m still blogging in 5 years, it will be awesome to look back at my first posts to see how much I have changed.

I am always changing and discovering new things, and I love writing about it all. I hope you’ll explore my page a bit, thanks for stopping by! 🙂



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