The last few weeks in photos and words

I’m fiiiiiiinally sharing a ton of photos from the last few weeks! My summer has been pretty busy and I found some time to sit down and import all these photos onto my computer and post them on here for you all to see!

Oh, one more thing! I updated the look of my site a bit! I hope you like it. I was getting quite tired of the last look. I hope to switch to my own self-hosted site someday, but for now this will do. 🙂

Let’s start at the beginning of the summer…

Just a few days after I ended school, my mom, brother, and I took a trip to Upstate New York to visit one of my mom’s friends who has a house up there. I had only ever been to the city, so going upstate was so nice. It is beautiful!!


I mean… come on!! Also, here’s a little photo tip: if you’re taking a photo through the car window and there’s a little bit of a glare, you can hide it by using one of the effects in the app A Color Story.  (There are probably other apps that have these effects, but this one is my absolute favorite!) This photo had a horrible glare, but now you can’t even tell it was ever there!


We took an unexpected trip to Woodstock, NY later that day. I had never been and I totally want to go back… there is so much to do! These aqua benches make me love it even more.


For dinner we went to a restaurant called Shindig. It was super cute and my sandwich was delicious! I can’t remember what it was called… something with veggies in the title! 🙂




On the ride back we saw a deer! Well, the night before we saw multiple deer BUT this one just stopped and kind of stared at our car for a while. The photo is sorta blurry, but isn’t it so cute?!?!

That little trip was a great start to my summer and I had a BLAST! Here is a little assortment of random photos from the next few weeks…

Mmmmm. Farmer’s market strawberries!


Six Flags!


Beach day! It was Fourth of July weekend so it was crazy busy. We got shaved ice afterwards, too. Mine was peach and blueberry!


Fourth of July! One of my all-time favorite holidays.


Strawberry shortcake!


We went to Whole Foods and I found the mochi bar! AHH! I had seen it all over the internet and it was amazing. I just love mochi.


The hydrangeas are finally blooming. These are my favorite flower!


We celebrated my brother’s birthday last Saturday. We got pizza at Pepe’s and saw a basketball game that night. Happy birthday, Milo!


The next day my mom and I went to the antique store. I got a new vintage camera to add to my collection and I am so excited!


I’ve been at camp for the last two weeks but I keep myself busy when I get home by doing crafts! Weaving and embroidery have been my thing lately.


Made this one for my cousin!

Ahhhh. It feels SO GOOD to finally get all of these photos up. Next Monday I leave for a trip I am super excited about! Follow my Instagram so you can see just where I’ll be going! Can’t wait to share more of my adventures with you all… have a great week.