Super Easy Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

Hello, everyone! I don’t have school today so – after I slept till’ 11-o’clock :0 – I decided to make a smoothie bowl! I’ve been making them a lot lately but never did a post on them. (I did make an Acai Bowl one a little while back, though.)

I kinda made this recipe up myself, but its literally two ingredients and your choice of toppings!

Here are the ingredients:

-1 cup of milk of your choice
-1 cup frozen blueberrries
-(optional) 1 tbs maple syrup or honey for sweetening

And that’s it! Blend the ingredients together. I like my smoothie bowls thicker, but its up to you how thin or thick you want it. As for the toppings, I used:


But some other options are:

-chia/flax seed
-almonds or other nuts
-other fruits
-anything you want!

Don’t forget to make it look pretty! That’s my favorite part :).



Enjoy!! And if you try this recipe, be sure to post a pic and tag me on Instagram! #StudioJosieEats

Happy Wednesday!


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