Top 10 Best Halloween Candy 

Hey guys!!! It’s officially Halloween week! I’m going as Glinda the Good Witch with my friends who are going as the rest of the Wizard of Oz characters! I hope to do a post of my costume (which is not completely ready!) But for today I decided to do a ranking of my favorite Halloween candy… Because who doesn’t love candy?!

10. Kit Kats: I LOVE Kit Kats.. They are the perfect combination of smooth chocolate and crunchy-crispy inside!

9. Candy Corn: I will say, candy corn is a favorite of mine but ONLY when it’s Halloween time. They don’t even have it in stores unless it’s fall, but I always seem to see it in show up at some random birthday party. Like how did it get there?! Stay away candy corn! You’re for Halloween only! (But seriously it is delicious, and so are those candy corn pumpkins!)

8. Laffy Taffy: I have always loves laffy taffy, but I only seem to be attracted to the banana ones! This year, sadly, I won’t be able to eat them because of my braces. 😦

7. Almond Joy: Not many people like Almond Joy (including my brother) but I love it! I am a huge fan of coconut and almonds, and them plus chocolate is just perfect!

6. Butterfinger: I feel like Butterfingers are always forgotten. I don’t know why, though! They are so so perfect! Just the best texture and flavors together it makes my mouth water thinking about them.

5. Hershey’s: Hershey bars… Ahh. Sooooo delish! I could eat tons and tons of these on Halloween (and everyday, too!) Ok, am I the only one who loved those “Air Delight” ones…? Where did they go? Oh – and the almond ones are yummy too!

4. Tootsie Rolls: These are a classic that never go out of style! Raise your hand if you’ve lost a tooth from these suckers before! 🙋


3. Sour Patch Kids: These have been some of my faves for years and I still love them!  (Have you tried the blue ones?! They’re really yummy!)

2. Heath Bars: I love love love love Heath Bars!! Even though you can buy them at the gas station, they make me feel so fancy and royal eating them! I love toffee<3

1. Reese’s:  Literally. Anything. Reese. Is. Amazing. I could eat peanut butter cups all day. Can you believe I used to hate these?! I can’t!  They’re definitely my #1 pick.

That’s all for today’s post! What are your faves? Hopefully, I’ll see you tomorrow or Friday and I’ll show you my costume!! Have a great rest of the Halloween week!

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